Sunday, January 22, 2006

It's Election Night in Canada

Okay - here's your quiz....

Which Corrie character (past or present) do you think could run as federal leader of:

Bloc Quebecois

My money is on a Ivy Tisley for the Conservatives and Roy Cropper for the Greens.

Tell us what think!


John said...

Conservatives: Mike Baldwin
Liberals: Ciaran McCarthy (like the Liberals, he just wants to please everyone)
NDP: Ken Barlow (lefty)
Bloc Qu├ębecois: Adam Barlow (well, he's Scottish and they have the SNP, which is sort of, kind of, like the Bloc)
Greens: Spider Nugent

MJ said...

Standing in for Spider for the Greens: Emily Bishop.

Emily spent a night up in a tree standing by her convictions that the Red Rec was the last green space in Weatherfield and it deserved preservation. And she passively "allowed" Spider to smoke his "herbal" cigarettes in the house.

Jackie said...

I agree with john, expet for the Greens, in which Emily or Roy would take that seat. And perhaps Charlie for the bloc, because everyone hates him, and he seems to like "tearing" people apart.

Lori said...

Bloc Quebecois : Warren Baldwin,, cause he might as well be speaking french as much as he mumbles.
Mel H for the rest as he is so full of crap and just says what everyone wants to hear,,depending on who is listening.