Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's De-lightful, It's De-Licious, It's De-lurking!

Okay - so there was something called De-Lurking Week whilst I was dancing with wolves.

I applaud all of yous who came out of the closet and hope that you'll keep up with the comments, etc.

One thing I would like to let everyone know is that if you have a blog or website I am very willing and glad to link you as a 'Constant Reader' on the sidebar.

Just drop a line in the comment section with yurl url addy.


Tanya said...

yah, i'm in here daily...usually more than once so i can catch entries from different contributors. ;)

mare said...

i'm also checking in quite regularly.. . daily at the very least

parkdalian said...

Oh yeah, every day at least.

Peter said...

I come here regularly, I'm always interested in the Canadians viewpoint of Corrie.

Shna said...

Ooooh me me me! NOt only am I a constant reader I'm a crazy one too! Ha ahaa