Friday, January 13, 2006

It's De-lightful, It's De-licious, It's De-lurking

Oil drink ta all a yas

A big round of applause to everyone who took the time to say hello during De-Lurking Week, January 9-13.

If you haven’t de-lurked yet (you know who you are) today is the final day to de-lurk and get your two cents worth in. So if you’re a Corrie Canuck reader who hasn’t commented yet, let us know you’re out there.

And to our regular readers who comment (you know who you are.. frequent comment miles in place) cheers to all of you!


Anonymous said...

Great site! I love reading all the updates and juicy gossip about corrie. I am so glad a friend told me about this site, because now I can enjoy reading about my favourite show without the worry of spoilers.

I thought you all might enjoy this article I found. Remind anyone of Candice?

Thanks for the great site.


MJ said...

Welcome Julie! That article is Candice all over again. Keep visiting Corrie Canuck as eventually I'll post about a Vancouver Corrie Canuck Pub Nite. We'd love to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I'm in Toronto but I must confess I download the episodes currently playing in the UK so I'm quite a bit ahead in the storyline. I still love reading this blog to go over what went on before, as well as all the interesting Corrie news you guys dig up. I also read the corrieblog that you've linked to...I can't get enough! My friends think I'm a bit insane.

Anyway, Keep up the good work. :D


MJ said...

Stephanie: Thanks for de-lurking! Your friends think you're insane? Join the club. We're all in this together.

Anonymous said...

Just some belated de-lurking here..We've been watching since Richard was on his way out. We watched one Sunday morning with my mother-in-law and we were hooked! We've been visiting the site for months :) Keep up the great work!

bean and j-cloth

MJ said...

bean and j-cloth: It's never too late to de-lurk. We're happy you're here. Looks like you jumped into Corrie during one of their most dramatic storylines ever. The Maxine murder episode actually caused a power surge on the UK national grid! It coincided with the end of the two half hour instalments as people across the UK flicked kettle switches or turned on lights after the long awaited episodes came to their grisly conclusions.

GoBetty said...

Although I've never been a Ciaran fan, he is sooooo cuuuuute in this pic!