Sunday, January 29, 2006

Internet-Free Day

Jacqueline reported yesterday on Friday’s record-breaking 11 postings and 67 comments here on Corrie Canuck. The day that Corrie Canuck shut down the Canadian work force.

Today is Internet-Free Day, a day to log off, and get out and enjoy the real world. “Because blogging doesn't provide your daily vitamins and minerals.” Sure and I’ll also be participating in TV Turnoff Week.

Seeing that you’re online anyway, why not take the Internet Addiction Test?


Chelly said...

Internet free day? I don't see that happening! :) I read in the paper today, that tomorrow is supposed to be "bubble wrap" day. I wonder how they come up with these things!

Dima said...


You may like an idea i am trying to promote as of a couple of days ago. I call it a Commfree Day and the idea is to have one day a month without any media and information technologies. I blogged about it in more detail and you are mostly welcome to take a look, let me know what you think, join in, and spread the word if interested.

Thank you!