Monday, January 16, 2006

In Haliburton...You Have To Act Out Your Own Corrie Episodes

I'm back from Haliburton and I have one thing to say....


I glanced at the postings last night and just opened up my email where all the comments go to...I'll be reading for a while.

Anyway, glad to be back and got your 'suprise' 1/2 done whilst I was at my cottage retreat. When I get it all the way done I'll let you know.

BTW - for the new readers who climbed aboard while I was away, I'm Jacqueline the gal who birthed this blog and resident episode updater. I also extend my welcome.

Many thanks to Papa Smurf for keeping the episode updates alive.


Pamer said...

My Brother has a cottage on Spruce Lake in Haliburton...i know what you mean about acting out the shows

MJ said...

You're back at last!!!! We missed you!!! (Can you tell I'm happy to see you?)

Jacqueline said...

You know....this could be a new cottage industry.

Summer stock - as we put on Corrie episodes for the cottagers.

missusmac said...

I'd like to thank papa smurf too for the wonderful updates while you were gone.

My cousins are Corrie fans who tape several months in advance, and then bring all the tapes to the cottage to watch on their summer vacation.

It's fun for them, but difficult for the rest of us, who cannot mention any Corrie plot from Feb. on because "it will ruin it!"

Joe said...

Hi - Love your blog! I also love Coronation Street. Feel free to join out Coronation street club at