Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm On Drugs

I posted this over at my personal blog - for some reason....

Okay - in answer to Ang's question, 'Yes, anyone can come to the T.O. Corrie Pub Night.'

Actually, if Ang and Echo Mouse send me their email addresses, I'll put them on the evite list. (glacia at gmail dot com)

Get Your Sticky Toffee Pudding Show
The Brit show runs the weekend of March 5. I suggest that we meet up on the Saturday afternoon. Does this work for most people? If not, let me know what is more conveniant.

(My one caveat for my availability is that this is Mr.Glacia's birthday weekend - in which I treat him to what he wants to do. He has graciously agreed to come to the Brit Show so I might be able to only spend an hour there or something. (Unless of course there's a display about Great British Victories in WW2 - then we'll be there all day.))

Check out Peter's site! I wanted to draw your attention to it because it's got chats about a lot soaps. Warning - it has British spoilers, but he has his own Corrie Canuck section.

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