Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hatfields and McCoys

Update for January 11, 2006

Compton v. Elliot & Cropper

Diggery makes a splash return as the owner of the new bakers shop in the street, giving Fred and Roy something to ponder as far as their bottom lines are concerned. Sunita is phlegmatic about the new competition, which is probably for the best as she has bigger fish to fry (no not Cilla) when the roof in her shop starts to leak while Fred is in for a bit of chin wag. After warning Sunita to get it looked at, I say get it looked at, a massive cascade of water pours down all over Fred - giving TV viewers the world over one of the most disturbing wet t-shirt moments in history. This deluge, besides highlighting Fred's ability to find water in unexpected places, also spurs Sunita to take action.

Snarlie & Shylly v. Dev & Sunita

Sunita finds Charlie in the local and tells him of the wee water worries in the shop, and how the leak in the pipe over the shop seems to have been caused by a new nail in a new floorboard that was newly put in by Charlie and his merry minions. Although Sunita is quite reasonable in her manner Snarlie responds in true caddish fashion and refuses to accept any resonsibility for what has happened - the work is finished, he has been paid, it is no longer his responsibiliy, go call a plumber. How rude. Dev (who seemed to be four sheets to the wind, or was that my imagination?) & Sunita return to the Rovers Return to confront satan, er Charlie and Dev gives a magnificent monologue castigating Charlie for his behaviour towards Sunita, his treatment of Shelley, and his questionable business practices. Charlie responds in his most direct fashion and pops Dev in the nose. Act II to follow.

Sally Webster v. Snidely Whiplash

Petty fighting continues apace at the auto dealership where nothing ever seems to happen, giving Ian lots of time to sit around reading the paper and scheme up new ways to make Sally miserable. In a fine display of passive-aggressive behaviour that could be a case study in any 1st year psychology textbook, Sal and Ian go at it hammer and tongs until it reaches a boiling point and Ian infers that Sal earned her overtime in a horizontal position, to which she responds by giving him a healthy slap - about time too. Cooler heads eventually prevail and they decide it would be best if Sally were to ply her trade, I mean work elsewhere. Ian tells Sal he can find her a job with an old friend of his at another auto dealership who happens to be looking for a good PA. Hopefully he has a comfortable chesterfirld in his office too.

Battersby-Brown v. Coronation Street

Les and the cod queen continue their campaign to ingratiate themselves into the good graces of their neighbours by carrying groceries for Betty, driving Emily to the hospital, giving free chips to all and sundry. (except for Fiz of course) Candice get an extra bonus with her chips when she reads spots an ad in the wrapper for a weather girl - destiny can manifest itself in many forms it would seem.

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Anonymous said...

Was this during Dev's real-life check in to rehab period? Or slightly before?

That might explain some spaced out qualities...