Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Gail

HELEN WORTH (our Gail Platt)

Born: January 7, 1951 in Leeds, Yorkshire

Birth Name: Cathryn Helen Wigglesworth

Helen recalls being surrounded by show biz from an early age. Her parents ran a hotel and a lot of performers would stay with them.

When she was three, a doctor recommended that dancing lessons might cure Helen of her habit of walking with her toes curled in. Thus began her theatrical career.

She made her first telly appearance at age 10, reading an excerpt from a book on Granada’s Scene at 6:30.

Her big break came at age 12 when she landed the part of Brigitta in a West End production of The Sound of Music. The job ran for nine months, during which time Helen lived with a chaperone, changed her name to Worth and became homesick. ‘The first night I was so terrified that I threw up in the wings and had to be pushed on to the stage, but when I got out there the atmosphere was so wonderful that I was hooked, and the feeling has stayed with me all my life.’

Helen Worth in 1965

Helen joined the Coronation Street cast in 1975, playing teenage Gail Potter, although she was in her early twenties at the time.

Young Gail Potter

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Source: The Women of Coronation Street by Daran Little

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Anonymous said...

Gail is looking quite pretty in that recent shot.

Certainly much better than her topless sunbathing shots. Shudder!