Friday, January 13, 2006

Fish and Chips - UK’s Top Takeaway

Nip down the chippy for service with a smile

Fish and chips is still the nation's favourite take-away, according to a new survey.

And fish and chips have been nominated as an English icon.

If you have a favourite chippy in your town, tell us about it.

And how do you like ‘em? With salt? White vinegar? Malt vinegar? Ketchup? A squeeze of lemon on the fish or a dab of tartar sauce?

And who out there has eaten a chip butty?


gavin ayling said...

It's a shame the British Government decided to waste £1m of our tax on trying to deflect the public's attention from the fact that Scottish MPs vote on English laws and that there is no equivalent of the Scottish Parliament for English constituents.

GoBetty said...

Greenwood Fish & Chips at Degrassi St. & Queen St. in lovely south Riverdale Toronto. Cheap, hot and good. With salt and malt please.

Geoff said...

There's the Hippy Chippy in Crayford. It's been there about 35 years of course.

Pamer said...

Gavin is on the wrong site...go over to Sean

There is a great place here in Sudbury that uses fresh Georgian Bay whitefish. They use a really light batter and they pile up the fish. The only problem is that they are only open in the summer so no fush and chups until May. Then it's completely packed for 5 solid months as the Sudburians get their fill.

I like lemon and a little tartar sauce (but not always)
Chips need ketchup

MJ said...

Betty: I know that chip shop! "Cheap, hot and good." You write the best gastroporn. I'm with you on the salt and malt.

missusmac said...

There used to be a spot called Camille's in Halifax, near the MacDonald bridge, which is long gone.

It was a delicious dive!

However, there is a chip truck on practically every corner, so you can't walk a mile without chips in this town.

papasmurf said...

I prefer a kebab whilst in the UK

Anonymous said...

One word...CHES'S