Monday, January 30, 2006


So this weekend I was contacted by a freelance writer who is doing an article on Corrie that she hopes she can get published by either Reader's Digest or the Globe and Mail. She would like to get this article published in time for the British Show.

She would like to interview some of Corrie Canucks and would really, really like to come to our Toronto Ping fest. Unfortunately, she won't be in town on the 16th - so knowing the media sluts we are, I'm thinking that no one would mind switching to the pingfest/haggis eating/pub night to Wed. Feb 22.

PLEASE, let me know if you can make that date - this is very important because I want to make sure that we have people there for the writer and for the haggis. So just add a comment here or send me an email.

Part 2, she would also like to interview other Corrie Canucks by email, so if anyone else is interested also drop me an email and I'll forward you to her.

My addy again glacia at gmail dot com.



GoBetty said...

Hi, unfortunately I cannot make Wed. Feb 22nd as I play hockey on Wed nights. Being the goalie, I kinda gotta show. So sorry about that. I was one of the haggis-eaters, so with me not there... you may want to reconsider the haggis. I'd be happy to be interviewed via email or wahtever, please feel free to pass along my email. Thanks! Mary Beth

Jacqueline said...

we need about the tues or the thurs?

I hesitate with the thrus becuase I work at a shelter overnight and I think they frown upon drunk volunteers. But i can hold back on the drink if needs be.

GoBetty said...

Tues. Feb 21st is fine and Thurs. Feb 23rd are fine by me. :-) Thanks for arraning.

kevin said...

Jacueline: My home page doesesnt want to work...but I still want to be a username is: djsivere. Sorry about this