Wednesday, January 11, 2006

English Icons

Ena Sharples teapot

The cup of tea, that staple of everyday English life, has officially become a national icon as the British government launched a new project to celebrate the country's cultural heritage.

"ICONS - A Portrait of England" is putting together a collection of England’s best-loved cultural treasures.

The first 12 icons have been chosen. The public is asked to nominate and vote for additional icons and the most popular will be added to the list every three months.

The following are the first 12 official icons of England:

Stonehenge: the neolithic stone circle in south-western England.

Punch and Judy: the traditional seaside puppet show.

The SS Empire Windrush: brought the first wave of Caribbean immigrants.

Holbein's King Henry VII portrait.

A cup of tea.

The FA Cup.

Alice in Wonderland: Lewis Carroll's children's book.

The Routemaster.

The King James Bible: published in 1611, the most famous English translation.

The Angel of the North: Antony Gormley's famous winged statue in north-east England.

The Spitfire.

Jerusalem: Hymn based on a poem by William Blake, revitalised by England cricket fans during last year's Ashes series against Australia.

Want to learn more about the ICONS project? Read all about it in The Telegraph and at the official ICONS website.

A few other icon nominations from the public are as follows:

Coronation Street

The Royal Mail red pillar box

Red brick terraced houses (like those seen on Coronation Street)

The Corner shop

Net curtains

And many more!

Tell us some of your favourites.

1 comment:

GoBetty said...

Houses so damp and moldy, yet not a basement in sight.

Brilliant *cheap* sandwiches for sale in every train station shop and corner shop. Where do they come from? How come they're so fresh?

Daddies Brown Sauce

Gigantic baked jacket potato topped with beans, curry sauce or whatever you like (perfect 1am drunk food)

Ditto "doner" and chips (sort of like a cross between a Halifax donair and a Toronto shwarma)