Monday, January 09, 2006

De-Lurking Week

Sheryl at Paper Napkin has declared January 9-13 as De-Lurking Week. So let's try it here at Corrie Canuck.

You’ve never posted a comment on Corrie Canuck? Now’s your chance. Say a few words. Or just say hi. C'mon.Throw us a bone. G’won. It’ll feel good. Remember, you can choose the ‘anonymous’ button when you post if you wish.

(Images via Paper Napkin)


Fraulein N said...

Happy De-Lurking Week!

Michelle said...

well, mj posted on my blog about a corrie followers blog so over I came. I lived in England for years (my husband is British) and got addicted to it while living there. Have been a follower since....I also follow Eastenders, another English soap, quite good, also with most of the action taking place in the local pub. :)

Found last weeks episodes a bit dry...since the whole Katy suicide/murdering father ordeal, it's been a bit slow...mind you, how do you follow that storyline...I suppose bringing Cilla back into the picture made my blood start pumping again. I just want to hold her down and scrub her face ;)
Happy watching all.

Lisa Millar said...

Not really a lurker here just have very little time to post but I do visit. It's Lisa of Scarberia here waiting patiently for date of the next Toronto get together.

PS I want Jacqueline's life- lots of vacation;) I'm way jealous

MJ said...

Welcome Fraulein N and Chaos Lives.

Lisa, we've missed you.

Any one else want to de-lurk?

lolagranola said...

Livejournal user here. Got an e-mail that told me about this place. I really like it!

I got addicted to Corrie because a local station used to run episodes at midnight. At least once a week it was on after a show I watched, and I gradually started getting interested in it.

Now I'm a total nut - keeping up on Corrie Classics, Canada Corrie, Brit Corrie, plus the archives at CSVU.

MJ said...

lolagranola: You definitely belong here! I wonder how many people got addicted to the midnight showings? In any case, there's no turning back now so welcome to Corrie Canuck.

Tanya said...

Another shameless Corrie addict here... I've been indirectly watching since I was dad was a fan and couldn't miss the Sunday episodes. I started watching on my own maybe 10 years ago and haven't looked back! :)

MJ said...

Tanya: If there is a case for a Corrie gene, you are living proof. Thanks for de-lurking.