Thursday, January 05, 2006

Corrugation Street

Ken Barley

Would you like to help put together an online illustrated soap opera? Be part of the creative process?

Corrugation Street is your chance. It’s a soap opera written by people like you, like me, all of us. It’s a soap opera that you can help write. Get involved in making the story. Be a co-author, co-illustrator or a researcher. Change the subject of the story, the mood, or the look and feel. Create your own unique version of the story, told in your own personal way.

Corrugation Street is the brainchild of Dave Miller.

: To clarify, the Corrugation Street project is not associated with Corrie Canuck. To participate in the project, click on the Corrugation Street link in this posting for details of the project.


Jacqueline said...

So THAT'S what Toronto mayor David Miller has been doing these last few years.

Cause I voted for him and haven't seen too much of him around.

(Joke only relevant to the T.O. people.)

Anonymous said... me : interested !

MJ said...

Anonymous: If you're interested in participating in Corrugation Street, you'll have to get in touch with David Miller on his website. He's the one who's organizing it,not us. Click on "Corrugation Street" or on "David Miller." I've highlighted them on the posting as you'll see.