Thursday, January 05, 2006

Corrie Street and Reality Telly

Last night I was watching BBCC and realized that some Corrie Characters would fit very nicely into certain reality shows.

Namely, let's send Mel to 'Too Posh to Wash' - cause he looks like he needs a good dunk. And I'm sure that jacket has never seen the inside of a drycleaners.

Also, let's send Cilla and Norris to 'Ladette to Lady'.

Any other ideas?


MJ said...

Kim and Aggie of 'Too Posh to Wash' have another show called 'How Clean is Your House?' Les and Cilla could be the poster children for that show.

MJ said...

Kevin Webster becomes host of the MTV show ‘Pimp My Ride.’ Kev pimps out the Street residents’ junker cars with DVD players, spoilers, superchargers, chrome tailpipes, interior neon lights, black velvet seats and the like.

mare said...

vera as a contestant on "hell's kitchen" tells gordon ramsay what for.

candice, on big brother, just because i think candice would really do something like that in order to get her 15 minutes in. :D

Anonymous said...

Swap Sally and Cilla on Trading Spouses.

Les won't know what hit him. Kev will be putting in a lot of overtime...

Who would give the other the better makeup tips, Rosie or Cilla?

MJ said...

The Next Great Chef (Friday nights on Global)
Competitors: Roy Cropper's bacon butty versus Hayley's chip butty.
Winner: Hayley's chip butty scores big points for the final touch... cut into triangles!