Saturday, January 28, 2006

Corrie Canuck Shuts Down Canadian Workforce

Just a nice statistic about the activity on Corrie Canuck for friday.

11 Postings

67 Comments - yeah... 67.

Did anyone do any work on Friday?


MJ said...

I just finished working all afternoon today to make up for the time I spent posting and commenting on Friday. It was time well wasted.

Jacqueline said...

mj - you rock.

now i got out and rock at funhaus...if you or anyone in Toronto wants to joing me.

John said...

Yeah, I've had more productive Fridays but those are far less enjoyable. Screw it, I say, screw it. Je ne regrette rien!

Jacqueline said...

je ne regette rien?

I'm trying to recall my french, but I believe it means, 'I am soup.' N'est pas?

mare said...

potage, i think.

what the hey, i needed a break from the stultifyingly low achievements of my students on the final exams i've been watching for days. cheers to friday!