Sunday, January 08, 2006



She’s got the good looks of Nigella Lawson and the bubbly personality of Rachel Ray. She’s Codcilla Brown! And she’s got what it takes to make that chip shop the Chippy of the Year.


Jackie said...

The funny thing is, it wouldn't be such a bad job for anyone else on the street. But miss Cilla, who thinks that she is above everyone else, well it was absolutely classic! And everytime she makes that face (you know the one, the growling, frown) don't you just want to slap her! lol

MJ said...

Jackie: That look you speak of... it needs a name of its own. It's Cilla's signature.

Anonymous said...

I loved Cilla's line about Liz:

"Atomic Mutton!"

Cracked me up!

It looks as though Cilla is going to through her considerable all into this job though, if only to keep everyone from laughing.

And is it possible to hate, and cheer, for Sally Webster at the same time??

Mrs. Mac

Mushy Pea said...

Isn't it a Bull Terrier that Cilla looks like when she bares her pointy little teeth? I have personally always liked the expression " a face like a monkey's bum". Although this may describe other characters better I think? Speaking of facial gestures, Rosie the Goth has one only it seems. She always has a sour lemon face with wrinkled brow.