Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas Reads

I've been reading this onerously titled book for the past couple of weeks, Coronation Street: The Epic Novel - Four Decades of Life on the Street.

So far, so good. It sort of has all the storylines of all the years in a Maeve Binchy-style narrative. You know what I mean by Maeve Binchy-style narrative, right? All plot, little character. Plot plot plot. Irish people. Plot. She propels the plot forward through... plot. Anyhoo, I still read all her books.

Anypoopers, my neighbour gave me this book and told me unceremoniously to "keep it"! He's a fan of Corrie but not to the point where he wants to read this doorstop of a tome. He dropped it off after I was on TV talking about Corrie.

I suggest that when I'm done, we pass it on to someone else here at Corrie Canuck. It's a nice way to catch up on who the hell is Ena Sharples and the like. It can be our version of Christmas cake. Ta-ra!


Jacqueline said...

jacqueline jumping up and down like an orangutang! OOO OOO! Pick me Mr. Kotter!!

I promise to keep the torch going and pass it on once i'm done.

GoBetty said...

It's not the great but no problem!!

Anonymous said...

That's a good book, I got it last Christmas, but the "War Years" version which sort of follows Elsie Tanner is by far the best Corrie read yet! It is 30 years before Coronation Street actually aired.