Tuesday, January 31, 2006

But What If We Wanted to PUNISH Our British Cousins?

Now I'm curious .... what Canadian shows do you think would be the worse to send overseas?

I'm only thinking of this now as an ad for 'Bordertown' (One town, two marshalls) comes across my screen.

Was it the bad accents?
Was it the feverant anti-american theme throughout?
Was it the Russian length plots crammed into 20 minutes?

But this is my nomination for possibly the worse Canadian show ever.

Runner up being, 'Check It Out'.

BTW - and this has nothing to do with good or bad, but does anyone remember 'The Pig and Whistle'?


John said...

I never really watched the show but I have a feeling how most of the episodes would go:

American Sheriff Guy approaches Canadian Mountie Guy:

AMERICAN SHERIFF GUY: Black Bart is coming to town! He's gonna steal all the cattle, rob the all banks, and get a little too familiar with the ladies. Ah say we shewt 'im rahght in the head!"

CANADIAN MOUNTIE GUY: Wait! I say we talk to him first.

My vote would go for our history of unwatchable sit-coms:

'SNOW JOB' (1983-1985): An innuendo-filled romp set at a Laurentian ski lodge in Quebec.

'CHECK IT OUT' (1985-1988): The hijinks-filled daily life at a supermarket, starring Don Adams.

John said...

Oh, and 'Mont Royal:' Our attempt at our own 'Dynasty' soap opera, set, I think, in the glamourous world of the Montreal garment industry. Or something.

Jacqueline said...


Dead on...but you forgot the weekly reminder of how American Sherrif Guy is illiterate.

Lori said...

Anything with Rick Mercer in it gets my vote. (Rick Mercer Report etc)

Lori said...

the Tom Green Show,, I guess I just dont drink enough to get it

Anonymous said...

The pig and whistle, come in, join the fun...

wasn't it something like that?

parents watched it, along with the Irish Rovers show.

I think they served actual beer on the show.

mare said...

what about current tv? "falcon beach" or whatever the heck it's called... it's on global, i think they film it in winnipeg...

anything with ben mulroney.

...Et le But! said...

...I also think that Red Green should be banished over there. Give him to the English. Not the Scots, Welsh or Irish though.

Lisa of Scarberia said...

If we really want to punish them we'll ship back Bob & Margret- that show never even got picked up in the UK but how it's a hit here is beyond me.

Wen said...

CBC's Corner Gas.....its just so typically Canadian

Wen said...

OOPS!!! is that a CBC show? Corner Gas actually has its funny moments