Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bonfire of the Vanities

Sunday viewers: Skip this ‘til Sunday. Spoilers.

Gandalf aka Mel Hutchwright aka Lionel Hipkis

In response to Betty’s request for a transcript of Mel exposing the Weatherfield Book Club members’ vanities, I offer the following snippets of dialogue…

To Fred Elliott : “The vain pub landlord.”

To Roy Cropper: “The anorak café owner.”

To Audrey Roberts: “The lonely crimper, so easily flattered.”

To Blanche Hunt: “And not forgetting the chattering crone...”

To Rita Sullivan: “… the improbably coiffured news agent…”

To Norris Cole: “… and her Walter Mitty assistant, scurrying back to the burnt offerings from Eleanor Rigby’s kitchen.”

To Ken Barlow: “And at the head of this sorry band, Billy Liar himself. Lying everytime he says to himself that he made the right choice as village intellectual and village idiot rolled up into one.”

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