Saturday, January 28, 2006

BC Corrie Canuck Pub Nite Reminder

BC readers: If you haven’t already read our invitation, do so now and help us select a date for the first BRITISH COLUMBIA CORRIE CANUCK PUB NITE.

BC: home of the banana slug

Choices are Saturday, March 11 or Saturday, March 25 or Saturday, April 8.

So far, March 11th is the leading choice.

Note: Unlike some of those other Pingfests, there’ll be no big hoopla or special guests (other than your fabulous selves) nor forcing you to singalong with me to The Ballad of Les Battersby. Our first pub nite will be a friendly, casual gathering of Corrie fans at a British-style pub in Coquitlam.


Christine said...

I chuckled when I checked the link to one of those 'Other' pingfests that you are determined yours won't be like, and found it to be ours! LOL!!

Still, I won't hold a grudge if you could let me have a larger version of the Bev Callard/Alligator photo for my Pinup of the Week on my Coronation St Fun Pages - please????

Just send it to Just be sure to remove the knickers before mailing.

Thanks in anticipation.

Jacqueline said...


It's just that ours could never be as good as yours!

I'll get MJ to pass that on.

MJ said...

Christine: I've just emailed the pic to you. Jacqueline's right... I meant that our Vancouver ping won't be a big and exciting event like yours. In fact, I'm hoping the BC people won't be disappointed that our pub nite won't have all the incredible bells and whistles of yours and some other pings. You really know how to do it up!