Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Attention Corrie Crafters!

Listen up all you crafty Coronation Street fans. Corrie Canuck reader Cynthia invites you to participate in the Artsy Craftsy Challenge!

Whether you're a painter, designer, quilter, sculptor, cartoonist, or just love to craft and create, if you can do it, whatever your art or craft may be, you're in!

This month’s challenge is a “beverage” theme; perfect for those of us who enjoy the odd pint or G&T at our own local version of the Rovers.

And while we're talking crafts, for any cross-stitchers in the house, eBay is auctioning off a computer-generated Coronation Street cross-stitch chart and a computer-generated Rovers Return cross-stitch chart.


Jacqueline said...

stop it MJ!!! I'm going broke.

Do I cross stitch? Ummm


Anonymous said...

Hello from Canada..... I spotted two different cross stitches and yes....bought both!!! from Canadian Forces Air Base Trenton

MJ said...

Hi Trenton. Wish we could see them when they're finished. Have fun with those.