Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Archie Shuttleworth: Where is he Now?

Roy Hudd (Corrie’s Archie Shuttleworth)

Whatever happened to undertaker Archie Shuttleworth? He dated Blanche Hunt and held a torch for Audrey Roberts. His love for Audrey unrequited, Shuttleworth shuffled off and we haven’t seen him since.

But actor Roy Hudd is still making “Huddlines.”

BBC wrote a brief profile on veteran comedian Roy Hudd.


GoBetty said...

He obviously fell into his own gap between his front teeth.

Mushy Pea said...

Doesn't he look like Paul Martin if you cover the bottom half of the face? Or is it just me with election overload fogging my mushy brains?

Lori said...

For being on the show for such a short amount of time,, he is by far one of my favourite charactors.

Anonymous said...

I loved him, as you would any man brave enough to date Blanche.

He had the heart of a lion during the Richard saga, and was a lovely friend to Audrey throughout that.

A real gentleman.