Friday, January 27, 2006

Another Weatherfield Wannabee

Sean Bean: Corrie milkman?

Sean Bean said that Coronation Street is one of the few TV show that he watches: "I don't get to watch much TV but I do like Coronation Street."

When the Lord of the Rings actor was asked who he would like to play he said: "Oh, I don't know...the milkman?"

More about it in the Manchester Evening News.

Sean Bean as Boromir in Lord of the Rings

"That's Jesus... " Geraldine explains to Alice and Hugo's baby, "and there, more importantly, is Sean Bean. He's very sexy...."


Jacqueline said...

OMG - You have NO idea what Sean Bean does for me..

Ever see him in Lady Chatterly's Lover? Crap movie...racy Sean

Anonymous said...

Never saw that, but looooooved him in LOTR.

Can we have a milkman, please? Pretty please!!!!

John said...

Well, the Vicar of Dibley will be happy.

Jacqueline said...

and Bravo 240 (or something like that).

GoBetty said...

Because I look unlike anyone else in my family (except my mother) and being blond / blue, the family "joke" is that I am a product of a union between my mom and Charlie our mailman of the 1960's, who had shaggy blond hair and a kind disposition

MJ said...

John: Thanks for the Vicar of Dibley reminder. I've added an extra photo to the posting.

Jacqueline: Who do you want more? Sean Bean or Charlie Stubbs?