Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Announcement: This Year’s Corrie Street Star!

This year’s Corrie Street Star at the British Isles Show Canada has just been announced.

It’s SHOBNA GULATI (our Sunita Alahan.)

Louise (no last name given) is the winner of free tickets to the British Isles Show.


Jacqueline said...


MJ said...

One of our readers heard through the Halifax grapevine that it would be Frankie and Danny Baldwin (I posted his comment earlier this month)but it looks like it's our Sunita instead. I hope our Betty's not taking it badly.

missusmac said...

Hi, it was me who started what seems to have been only a rumor. My apologies.

The news came from the wife of one of the guys selling the Hfx event tickets!!!

My apologies. That is truly what they believeda at the time.

That said, I love Sunita!

MJ said...

Missusmac: No need to apologize. We're happy it's Sunita. (although we still haven't heard from our Betty and I can't speak for her.)

GoBetty said...

I'll be fine... :-) Hope we can all meet up there for a good giggle.

Ang said...

Is there going to be any sort of gathering at the British show? If so I was wondering if I could join in?