Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Andy Whyment on Soapstar Superstar

(Photo via Supanet)

Watch a video clip of Andy Whyment (our Kirk Sutherland) on Soapstar Superstar.


Anonymous said...

Out of all of them, he is by far the biggest surprise for the amount of talent he has. I am not saying he is the best ( I am going for Richard on that) but he is the farthest stretch from his tv charactor which makes his talent so much more stand-out-able.
Wendi is doing great but we all knew she has great pipes from her screeching on Corrie,, lol.

Pamer said...

Kirkie did awesome, there are some tough notes to hit in that song and he didn't back off at all

Jackie said...

kirkie actually looked like a bit of a hottie! Which that alone is a far strech from his Cornie role!