Tuesday, January 31, 2006

But What If We Wanted to PUNISH Our British Cousins?

Now I'm curious .... what Canadian shows do you think would be the worse to send overseas?

I'm only thinking of this now as an ad for 'Bordertown' (One town, two marshalls) comes across my screen.

Was it the bad accents?
Was it the feverant anti-american theme throughout?
Was it the Russian length plots crammed into 20 minutes?

But this is my nomination for possibly the worse Canadian show ever.

Runner up being, 'Check It Out'.

BTW - and this has nothing to do with good or bad, but does anyone remember 'The Pig and Whistle'?

Update for Monday

Okay, okay...I missed the very first bit, so forgive

The Incredible Juggling Danny
Danny and Frankie have a blow out about Jamie/Carol - the details of which I didn't catch.

Danny spent the next bit of the show trying to make up with Frankie, in front of Leanne. Just as everything's forgiven, Danny follows Leanne out the door to convince her that she's his 'hobby' and somehow that woos her back in bed with him.

He'll be coming 'round 5pm and will use his keys to let himself in.

The Great Diggory Do
Diggory tries to keep the mouse situation under wraps and also tries to woo Sarah back to the shop.

However, he decides to put off paying Keith for mouse removal services - thus Keith storms into Rovers and in front of Dev tells him to pay him for removing the mouse or he'll regret it. (Pied Piper of Weatherfield?)

Dev takes full advantage of this and says, either give him back Sarah or he'll let the whole town know about the mice.

Shel Incarceration - Day 3
Shel wants to go out, but Charlie is adamant that she stay in until her eye is totally healed. (To his defense...it still looks like shit.)

But true to Charlie form, he gave her hell and said that she only thinks about herself. He's already told everyone that she has chickenpox and if she went downstairs now, everyone would know he was lying.

'You know how much I hate lying, don't you Shell?'

Jacqueline cleans her ears to make sure she heard that correctly.

The Amazing Forgetting Mike
Mike is really having some difficulty remember things. Last night he was supposed to meet Penny to catch their flight, but instead, he forgets and ends up at the factory making calls.

They almost miss their flight and Penny is fit to be tied.

Claire Takin' Out the Trash
Claire comes into the Rovers wearing her new bus uniform and Cilla jumps all over that, letting Claire know how bad she looks.

Claire takes this opportunity to give Cilla a dressing down about her character and the way she's taking care of Chesney.

Mr. Glacia took this opportunity to start routing around the silverware drawer, so I didn't hear the last line that got the whole pub gasping.

Anyone? Anyone?

Diggory’s Diet Dilemma

Diggory Compton

Coronation Street's Eric Potts has expressed concern that his role on the soap is encouraging him to put on weight.

The actor, who plays baker Diggory Compton, has been warned by doctors that his health is at risk unless he makes an effort to start eating sensibly. Unfortunately, being surrounded by cakes all day is proving just too tempting for the star.

"It's ironic that my big TV break involves me being surrounded by bread and cakes," Eric told The Mirror. "I love playing Diggory but it means I am facing temptation every day. As soon as I get a whiff of a freshly-baked loaf, I just have to have a nibble."

"I tip the scales at around 20 stone, which is a little alarming," he confessed. "And I have been heavier, I'm ashamed to say. I know overweight people are putting their health at risk. I have two young daughters, so if I could drop a couple of stone, I would be very happy.

"Hopefully I could shed the weight without any great loss to Diggory's image. My problem is a lack of willpower. I have been on so many diets and all without much success. They last until, oh, lunchtime. But turning 40 is a good time to make a fresh start."

Canadian-British Telly Exchange

Loads of us are big fans of British telly.

But which Canadian TV shows (old or new) you would recommend to the Brits?

G’won now. Let the Brits know what they’re missing from this side of the pond.

Keith Duffy’s Swelled Head

Has fame given Keith Duffy (our Ciaran McCarthy) a big head?

Judge for yourself by these photos…

Keith Duffy’s massive head

View a gallery of Massive Heads pics.

Monday, January 30, 2006


So this weekend I was contacted by a freelance writer who is doing an article on Corrie that she hopes she can get published by either Reader's Digest or the Globe and Mail. She would like to get this article published in time for the British Show.

She would like to interview some of Corrie Canucks and would really, really like to come to our Toronto Ping fest. Unfortunately, she won't be in town on the 16th - so knowing the media sluts we are, I'm thinking that no one would mind switching to the pingfest/haggis eating/pub night to Wed. Feb 22.

PLEASE, let me know if you can make that date - this is very important because I want to make sure that we have people there for the writer and for the haggis. So just add a comment here or send me an email.

Part 2, she would also like to interview other Corrie Canucks by email, so if anyone else is interested also drop me an email and I'll forward you to her.

My addy again glacia at gmail dot com.


Quick last update for the end of last week

I was a little negligent in my duties on Thurs and Friday about what happened on Corrie.

For the benefit of those who didn't catch this week's episodes:

1) Jamie told Frankie that he had been to see Carol. Frankie seemed shocked, but didn't hold it against him.

2) Stepford Shel has a big black eye because she walked into a door that Charlie was opening. Seriously. So now, they've decided it's best if she hides upstairs in her room until the shiner goes because the whole town will think he's hitting her. She agrees to this, but there's some weird thing happening with Charlie that he really doesn't want her to come down. Course, it's much better to have the town see you are alienating her from her friends and family than for her to walk around with a bruise.

3) Diggory offered Sarah more money to come work for him - which she readily accepted. Dev be pissed. Then when a 20 was missing from the till, Diggogy-do accused Sarah of stealing and fired her. Later, Angela's father told him, that he has mice and they've been getting into the til and taking the cash (for their LUXURY mouse condos).

4) Leanne got dumped by Jamie over telling Danny about Carol. Short story (cause I'm sure Go-Betty wants to keep us posted on this) is that Leanne and Danny ended up in the sack together. EVIL!

5) Jim - we hardly knew you. I REALLY thought we were going to get Jim back, but it doesn't seem to be. He beat up his cellmate over a toothpaste tube and had his parole revoked. Liz says she can't wait another two years for him and dolled herself up to tell him it's over.

It was a rather painful scene that ends with Jim running after Liz, being held back by the guards whilst screaming, 'Elizabeth, don't leave! I love you.' (Heathcliff! Catherine!)

Now that she's been able to toss off that burden - Liz is out on the town and looking for love. She goes off to one of those speed dating deals with Eileen and ...(damn..can't remember) where there is no success. However, later Ken comes into the pub with one of his colleagues and there seems to be some interest between Liz and guy. (Personally, I don't think she's his type...but..what the hell.)

Now - why I like Jim McDonald

Because of all the Corrie Characters, he's one of the least black and white characters. Bad? Yup. Good? Yup.

Without putting too much weight on the significance of his character, to me he's always been like a mythical character that has one fatal flaw that is his ruin in the end.

For those of you unfamiliar with Jim's character - he's an ex-army guy with a temper that keeps getting him into trouble. And it doesn't help that he had one of the most toxic marriages ever to hit the street. No one can accuse of Jim of being a level headed husband, but honestly, no one can accuse Liz of having common sense when it came to him.

My thing with her was - look either leave him or don't. And if you're going to have affairs, for God's sake, don't confess.

Anyway, while never excusing Jim's temper, here's the 'Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry' history of Jim:

> Is in prison because he attacked the guy who beat up his son Steve. He ended up killing guy in the beating.

>Gave up drinking when Steve was in jail because Steve couldn't drink.

> Escaped from jail and booted it to Ireland, but got caught because he stopped to save Ashley and Claire from drowning.

> Had to quit his job as a security guard because he was afraid his temper would get him in trouble.

I just wish there had been anger management classes for Jim, because unlike Charlie, I never believed Jim was evil incarnate.

Guess the Mystery Mouth

ANSWER: Sue Cleaver (our Eileen Grimshaw)

It’s time again to ask you to guess which Coronation Street star/character belongs to the mystery mouth photo.

If you think you know the answer, tell us in the comments section.

Return to this spot tomorrow where we’ll post the answer under this photo.

Penny King’s Beauty Tips

“Did you know that Hemorrhoid cream is really good for bags under the eyes?”

Jack Duckworth’s Holiday Horror

Jack: “ I hate getting sand in my nooks and crannies.”

Tyrone: “No one’s saying you should go to a nudist camp.”

Jack: “Don’t you mention that word in front of our Vera. The last thing I want to see is her frying egg and chips in nowt but a smile.”

Roy Cropper Loses a Comrade as Gandalf Slings His Hook

'It's not often I get the chance to rehearse the battle between narrow and broad gauge steam railways in early Victorian Britain.'

Liz McDonald: Speed Dater

“It takes at least an hour to pull me.”

Hoar Extension

Hoar Cross Hall

Julie Goodyear, who played barmaid Bet Lynch in Coronation Street, popped into Hoar Cross Hall last week to officially open the 65,000sq ft, £15m extension at the luxury health spa.

Julie is a regular guest at the spa. Other guests have included Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams and Catherine Zeta Jones. The hotel offers hydrotherapy baths, floatation therapy, saunas and steam rooms and over 80 beauty therapy treatments.

Bet Lynch

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Webster Girls

Courtesy: CiTV

I found this lovely pic of the Webster girls, Brooke Vincent (our Sophie) and Helen Flanagan (our Rosie) from their appearance on Holly and Stephen's Saturday Showdown this past month. They appear to be cooking something, wouldn't Sally be proud?

They've certainly grown up since they first appeared on Corrie.

UNDERWORLD: Revenge of the Knicker Stitchers

The Underworld Trilogy. First there was Underworld. A sequel followed: Underworld: Evolution.

Now, Underworld: Revenge of the Knicker Stitchers is set to take theatres by storm.

The Factory Girls are fed up and they’re not going to take it anymore.

Watch as these gutsy garment gals, led by Fearless Fiz Brown, fight to extend their fag breaks.

Will this motley crew of maniacal machinists topple the Baldwin Empire?

Can Mike and Danny and Adam (The Weatherfield Mafia) restore order?

Also starring Janice Battersby as Lippy; Sean Tully as Mincemeat, Kelly Crabtree as Legs, Hayley Cropper as Haylz, the twins Joanne and Jessie as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and a special one-off appearance by Karen McDonald as Bolshie.

“Knickers down, let’s chat.” -- Danny Baldwin

Internet-Free Day

Jacqueline reported yesterday on Friday’s record-breaking 11 postings and 67 comments here on Corrie Canuck. The day that Corrie Canuck shut down the Canadian work force.

Today is Internet-Free Day, a day to log off, and get out and enjoy the real world. “Because blogging doesn't provide your daily vitamins and minerals.” Sure and I’ll also be participating in TV Turnoff Week.

Seeing that you’re online anyway, why not take the Internet Addiction Test?

Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog


Gung Hay Fat Choy!

If you were born in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, or 2006 - you were born under the sign of the dog.

Like the dog, you are honest and faithful to those you love, although you also can be somewhat eccentric and very stubborn at times! For dogs in 2006, any recent setbacks or obstacles can be overcome so look forward to a year in which to really shine, either personally or professionally.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

We’re No Angels

Left: Samia Smith (our Maria Sutherland)
Right: Nikki Sanderson (our Candice Stowe)

As John mentioned in the previous posting, this site is a goldmine for all things Samia Smith. I may have saved the above photo from that site at one time since I’ve mined the site in the past for nuggets to post. I’ve got so much flotsam and jetsam stored in my Corrie files that I’ve lost track. Whatever the source, I think you’ll agree that the pic is too good not to be up and visible.

"In your satin tights / Fightin' for your rights / In the old red, white and BLUUUUUEEE!"

So, they're making a Wonder Woman movie, to be directed by Joss Whedon. The titular role has yet to be cast (huh - I said 'ti-' oh, forget it). May I suggest our Maria? She has the suit already.

(man, that site is a treasure trove, indeed)

Diggory - Swedish Chef - Separated at Birth

Since Missusmac mentioned the resemblance...I juat had to do it...

Corrie Canuck Shuts Down Canadian Workforce

Just a nice statistic about the activity on Corrie Canuck for friday.

11 Postings

67 Comments - yeah... 67.

Did anyone do any work on Friday?

We have bigger heads these days.

From the BBC Science Report:
Researchers have found that the shape of the human skull has changed significantly over the past 650 years.

Modern people possess less prominent features but higher foreheads than our medieval ancestors.


The two principal differences discovered were that our ancestors had more prominent features, but their cranial vault - the distance measured from the eyes to the top of the skull - was smaller.


Dr Peter Rock, lead author of the study and director of orthodontistry at Birmingham University, told the BBC News website: "The astonishing finding is the increased cranial vault heights.

"The increase is very considerable. For example, the vault height of the plague skulls were 80mm, and the modern ones were 95mm - that's in the order of 20% bigger, which is really rather a lot."

He suggests that the increase in size may be due to an increase in mental capacity over the ages.

If that's the case, then Fred Elliot is a genius.

Soapstar Superstar the Album

For those of you interested in the Soapstar Superstar series that took place recently, there's another way (other than rummaging through the ITV website video collection) to listen to your favorite Corrie stars in action. If you happen to live in the UK (or happen to be visiting) you can actually buy the official Soapstar Superstar album from the ITV Shop or via Amazon UK. You may recall that the final showdown was between Richard Fleeshman (our Craig) and Andy Whyment (our Kirk), with Richard being victorious. But fear not, in addition to the final two lads, you can also hear Wendi Peters (our Cilla) and Shobna Gulati (our Sunita) on the CD.

Here's a list of the tracks sung by the Corrie stars, as featured on the album:

Hanging On The Telephone - Wendi Peters
I'm Still Waiting - Shobna Gulati
You Really Got Me - Andy Whyment
I Can't Read You - Richard Fleeshman
Heaven - Andy Whyment
Lady Is A Tramp - Wendi Peters
Trippin' - Richard Fleeshman
Get Happy - Shobna Gulati

Andy used to be in a band called "Notion" while both Wendy and Shobna formerly appeared on Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes (another televised talent competition in the UK). And Richard, for his part, has recently been praised by Robbie Williams' former manager as being "better" than Robbie himself.


Calling all caption-makers. Give it your all in the comments section.

Yes, that’s Beverley Callard (our Liz McDonald.)

BC Corrie Canuck Pub Nite Reminder

BC readers: If you haven’t already read our invitation, do so now and help us select a date for the first BRITISH COLUMBIA CORRIE CANUCK PUB NITE.

BC: home of the banana slug

Choices are Saturday, March 11 or Saturday, March 25 or Saturday, April 8.

So far, March 11th is the leading choice.

Note: Unlike some of those other Pingfests, there’ll be no big hoopla or special guests (other than your fabulous selves) nor forcing you to singalong with me to The Ballad of Les Battersby. Our first pub nite will be a friendly, casual gathering of Corrie fans at a British-style pub in Coquitlam.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Danny & Leanne

This almost-coupling is really steaming up the joint. Danny is coming on oh so strong to Leanne! Normally Leanne can give as much as she gets , but Danny's flirts / suggestions / strong arms / black mails are making Leanne a little meek and making me a little weak in the knees. Can't wait to see what happens next and OF COURSE hope they end up having batshit-crazy sex soon.

Welcome Aboard Chelly!!!

Just a quick post to welcome our newest contributer Chelly of the Richard Fleeshman fan and www.however.blogspot.com.

I for one am pretty pleased to see her join up.

Cheers for Chelly!

Sorry that I'm rushing out, but my sushi awaits. I'll let you introduce you and once again, welcome, welcome!

You want totty? I'll give you totty! Canadian style, bitches!

Who's cuter than Maria? What's better than beer? What's cooler than the Maritimes? Our Maria, in a Halifax pub, pouring a pint of Garrison Nut Brown Ale. Wearing a toque.


Found the image here.

Frisky Friday, Continued

In light of the high pheromone level on Corrie Canuck today, let's open up the discussion even wider.


Go for it. Tell us your picks for the hottest TV totty.

I’ll start the ball rolling with EastEnders Dennis Rickman (played by Nigel Harman.) See Chelly’s Dennis Rickman blog for more.

Nigel Harman (EastEnders Dennis Rickman)

'Don't Go Elizabeth! I Love You!!'

Dear Go Betty,

I think you're being a bit harsh on our Liz.

True, she's begining to show her age, but I think at this time we should remember how much joy she brought the world back in the 70's as the funnier half of Waylon Flowers and Madame.

I'm just saying...

Sorry Gents, One More

MJ asks: 'Who's the bigger hunk? Sean Bean or Charlie Stubbs.'

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

92% of the reason I like Charlie is for his Beanness. (the other 18% is because he's so fit.)

So it's Bean all the way.

Keep in mind though, that neither will reach Paul Michael Glaser-ness.

Mrs. David Starsky.

Ageless Liz

Last night when Liz, Steve and Eileen and / or maybe Tracey (I think, I was working on what ended up being 3 glasses of chateauneuf-du-pape) were chatting in the Streetcars office about Liz possibly going to speed dating and someone made mention that Liz was 47.

Now, does anyone out there really think that Liz is 47? I just looked this up quickly on imdb, and it says that Beverly Callard (the actress who plays Liz) was born in 1957 and could only then be 48 or 49... I SHUDDER to think I will look like Liz in 10 years.

Readers, do you think Liz realistically looks 47, 48 or 49? I think she looks much older due to the state of her skin.

Why I Love Violet

Via the Corrie blog (spoilers, ho!) comes this nicely written appreciation for the Rovers' prettiest barmaid, Violet Wilson. The post contains spoilers for upcoming episodes, so be warned.

Leanne’s Up the Duff

The Sun reports that Jane Danson (our Leanne Battersby) is “ecstatic” at learning she is three months pregnant with her first child.

Corrie Canuck reported on her marriage to Robert Beck in December.

Frisky Friday

Frisky Friday has rolled ‘round here again at Corrie Canuck.

Today, more head from eBay:

Sally Webster

Jack Duckworth


In this corner, Gail Platt...

... is ready to take on Corrie nurse Karl Foster...

This could turn nasty. No fighting dirty!

Another Weatherfield Wannabee

Sean Bean: Corrie milkman?

Sean Bean said that Coronation Street is one of the few TV show that he watches: "I don't get to watch much TV but I do like Coronation Street."

When the Lord of the Rings actor was asked who he would like to play he said: "Oh, I don't know...the milkman?"

More about it in the Manchester Evening News.

Sean Bean as Boromir in Lord of the Rings

"That's Jesus... " Geraldine explains to Alice and Hugo's baby, "and there, more importantly, is Sean Bean. He's very sexy...."

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dear Shelly, Please Read This Book:

It's only because we love you.


PS: You can buy it here.

A La Peanut Butter Haggises - T.O. Ping Fest

I have just gotten an email that the Auld Pub on Danforth can indeed make us a haggis.

So the venue will change from the Duke of York on the 16th to the Auld.

This does mean we will have to have a confirmed number for 6 - 10, but I'm sure we have that already. (Spouses,etc warmly invited). They also will need us to be fairly on time.

I'll confirm the time and numbers with them closer to the date.

Mind now - yell see the Devil's fais at the bottom o thon gless.

Update recollections

A vague update for January 25, 2006

I was in my local with the lads celebrating yon Scot poet Robbie Burns and Coronation Street was on behind the bar - here are the bits that I recall. Please feel free to fill in the blanks.

-After much debate between Vera and Jack about going on holiday somewhere Vera takes matters into her own hands and books a two week trip to some obscure place on the coast of the Irish Sea. Jack stubbornly refuses to leave Weatherfield until he is informed that the caravan they will be using on the holiday has separate beds and the sea air will help Vera to sleep - and the threat if they don't go Jack will have to fulfill his long neglected husbandly duties to Vera. Tyrone and Maria are happy with this news as well, as they can have a quiet place to practice up for married life.

-Hayley gets upset over a comment made by one of her co-workers about the lack of passion between her and Roy. She storms out of the Rovers in a huff.

-After letting slip about Carol (Jamie's birth mother) Leeanne is cornered by Snidely Whiplash, er, Danny Baldwin and he promises not to tell Jamie about the secret he's been told, if Leeanne will sleep with Danny. She agrees, with a pensive look on her face...

-Shel gives Fred and Kieran what for about their attitudes towards Charlie, and the rumours they have been spreading about him. Charlie is less than gracious in response.

-Charlie and Shel have a snuggle in a back room somewhere, he moans about how unloved he is.

-Some other stuff happened too, it escapes me now - sorry

Ya Wee Haggis Eatin' Beasties

I've contacted a 'scottish' pub on the danforth and have asked if they are willing to serve haggis.

No worries - no one will be forced to eat it - I'm just taking Go Betty's suggestion.

Keep your fingers crossed.


I Have Neglected My Duties

Went out to buy boots and drink Scotch last night and missed Corrie...

Anyone want to take a stab at the update?

Calling all British Columbia Coronation Street Fans

Contributors Susan and MJ are organizing… drum roll, please…


Out here on the “wet” coast we almost broke the record (of 28 days) with 27 consecutive days of rain. Oh sure, it stopped for a couple of days but then it started up again. And let’s face it… it’s not going to stop anytime soon. So we could use a good time. Just like Candice, we’re all wet.

Unofficial Provincial Gastropod of B.C.: the Banana Slug

We’re inviting Coronation Street fans not only from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area, but the entire Province, to come on down for a evening of Corrie camaraderie. (Non-Corrie friends and partners invited too.)


The Frog & Nightgown Pub
1125 Falcon Drive
Coquitlam, BC


That’s where you come in. Help us choose a date. Select from the following options and post your choice in the comments section.

Saturday, March 11
Saturday, March 25
Saturday, April 8

Time: 7:00 pm - ?


Susan has kindly offered to pick up those of us who live in Vancouver and can Skytrain it out to the Lougheed Mall. If we can all leave together from the Skytrain in downtown Vancouver, she’ll give us a lift from the Skytrain station to the pub.

For those who can’t travel with us but want to join us, I’ll post Skytrain directions and bus directions later, once we’ve selected a date.

Help us pick a date and let us know if you want to go!

Coronation Street: ‘Guilty Pleasure’ or ‘Loud and Proud’?

Why do many viewers consider Coronation Street a guilty pleasure? Why keep it a secret?

When I tell people (loudly and proudly) that I watch Corrie, the reaction is either:

a) Sneers.
b) Cheers.

What reactions have you received when you fessed up to your Corrie addiction?

Is Corrie your guilty pleasure? Or are you loud and proud?

Shake it, Don’t Break it

Mind you don’t bruise your bottoms

RANDY Brits cause £350million in damage a year — thanks to energetic sex, a poll reveals.

A third of couples broke something during sex and ONE IN TEN made insurance claims after trashing lamps, vases and beds — even pulling down curtains.

Forty-one per cent have suffered carpet burns, a third pulled their backs and 12 per cent twisted ankles or wrists.

Saucy couples in the South East were the most accident prone, while Yorkshire lovers put in the most claims for damage.

Adult store chain Ann Summers commissioned the poll of 2,000 people.

Boss Jacqueline Gold said: “It’s fantastic that people are adventurous — but they need to be careful.”

Top ten injuries suffered: 1 Carpet burns; 2 Pulled back; 3 Twisted wrist; 4 Twisted ankle; 5 Bruised bottom; 6 Bruised leg; 7 Grazed elbows; 8 Scratched back; 9 Bumped head; 10 Broken bones.

Source: The Sun

Booze News

The Sun reports on a new ‘healthy’ lager:

A strong lager which promises less of a hangover is to go on sale in British supermarkets.

The makers of Lady Bird Bio Beer also claim it PROTECTS the liver and cuts cholesterol.

The brew — five per cent strong, the same as Stella Artois — contains extracts of aloe vera and herbs thought to have medicinal qualities.

It has been a big hit in India since its launch there last summer.

Creator Dr Srinivasa Amarnath claims that drinking the beer over a long period can also help prevent ulcers and gastric trouble.

And in other booze news, now you can combine your love of sweets AND alcohol with Toffee Vodka.

Toffee Vodka