Thursday, June 30, 2005

Jamie NOT a Corrie Hunk to me!

Okay, I like my men scruffy. I am talking Lord of the Rings, mid-battle, all sweaty, long haired, and five o'clock shadowed scruffy. Sawyer on Lost, 40 days on a desert island without a hair cut or bath scruffy. Almost as far as Rupert on Survivor...okay, too far, but you get the general idea. (But he was still a sweetie, eh?)

So why do I cringe when Jamie comes on the screen in the same darn shirt he's worn practically episode? Why do I want to encourage Maria to return to her former occupation to give him a weekly flea bath? And why does anyone else think he's cute??? (Notice all the questions marks...used to emphasize my confusion, not to annoy!) I think I'm missing something here...

Now I have to go through my waiting-until-Monday to see what happens with Angela and Tommy's new rodenty friends! Why oh why do they do this to us?


Yesterday Canada, Today Spain, Tomorrow the World

Sean reacts to the news that he can now choose between a ceremony in Niagara Falls or Ibiza.


Post a caption in the comments section for this photo of Fred and Dev.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Question of the Week


In honour of Canada passing the same sex bill, I think I need to ask - who would maek a great same sex couple on Corrie? (In a world where sexual orientation is not an issue and everyone is bi.)

I'm thinking:

a) Shell and Sunita - both girls need some r-e-s-p-e-c-t.
b) Tyrone and Ker-kah - it's the dumb and dumber match of the century!

Recent Corrie Ebay Purchase

I don't have the pic, because I'm kind of lazy today, but our friend Bob in England found a Corrie Annual from 1996 which I quickly snapped up.

The annual is chock full of fun facts and trivia. Stayed tuned for trivia questions from the 90's, 80's (which will hard for me seeing as I wasn't born yet), 70's and for the super brave the 60's!

Update for June 28, 2005

So the Baldwin kid (what the hell is his name? The eldest) tossed Leanne over because of her antics with Dev. So he seems to have some redeeming characteristics beyond the London accent.

He immediately headed over to the salon to get a haircut and was greeted by a very flirty (ready to stick it to Leanne) Maria. After the haircut (which apparantly didn't include a shave!) he asked Maria to go out with him that evening which she had agreed to.

Now here's the thing, earlier Tyrone had asked her out to the movies which she had also agreed to and he was all excited to be getting some time alone with her. No sooner had the deal been done than Kirk and Fizz decided to join them, thereby making it a group outing.

Tyrone went to very strange lengths (threats of Japanese movies) to get Fizz and Kirk to drop out and then set about sexing himself up for his 'date' with Maria.

Maria thinking that the movies thing was group thing decided to just blow off the movie and go off with Jamie (THAT'S his name!). So the last we see is poor Tyrone in front of the theatre with a sad bucket of popcorn.

Hmmm, I thought it would still be good manners to cancel properly even if it was a group event.

Karen is making Steve stand in front of the fridge to keep his 'boys' cool and thereby make conceiving a child that much easier. She also forbade him to eat certain things, smoke and drink. This resolution lasted 8 hours and after a nasty exchange with Tracey, we see Steve and Karen going off to eat and drink whatever the heck crossed their fancy. (Don't worry Karen, lots of drunk people have gotten pregnant.)

Frankie was seen consoling Maya during the show. I like Frankie, but I think perhaps she's a bad judge of character.

Finally, Shell decided to hold off making a decision about having Charlie move in and asked with big cow eyes if he wouldn't be made about that...Charlie just layed on the sugar and told her to take all the time she needed.

Oh Charlie, Charlie...for me you are the poster boy for every bad relationship I ever had and for that, I love you. I too am entranced by your rascally ways!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I am loving this short story line with Ashley, Fred, and Claire and the family of squirrels! Claire's behaviour is one of those embarrassingly typically silly girl things...vermin with bushy tails who eat nuts in a really cute way equals "aw, don't hurt them!" It doesn't matter that they are eating wires or making noises or creating a nest out of fibreglass insulation, they're just so adorable!!!

It might be a British thing. During my visit to Merseyside a few years ago, my aunt couldn't wait to take me to Formby, home of the infamous red squirrels. Yeah, we have squirrels in our back yards. But are they red? No, but...then they aren't the same. But this is Formby's claim to fame. It's not the lovely sea side, or the sand dunes, or the adorable "downtown". No, it's the squirrels. Tiny red bushy tailed vermin...come one, come all see the squirrels.

Okay, I think I'm "squirrelled" out now. (Just love that word!)


Update June 27, 2005

So we had a double scooping of Corrie last night and I enjoyed it with sprinkles on top.

The Todd issue was dealt with – Jason tried to make apologies all around, albeit half assed apologies. Eileen asked Sean to leave so that she could concentrate on Jason and he agreed. This move didn’t make sense to me, but I’m sure it’s just a part of plot development.

Sarah’s been getting it from all around when Gayle and Candice found out about her and Jason. Candice said one of the truest lines of the show when she told Sarah that even though Sarah has a kid and lived with a bloke, she still acts like a little girl because she looks a little girl.

Um…yeah, I can’t disagree.

Anyway, Sarah’s feeling a bit sheepish and even yelled at her mom that she wasn’t a baby, so maybe there’s a new Sarah on the horizon.

Fred, Ashley and Claire thought there were rats in the attic. Turns out the rats were squirrels. Claire wanted to keep them, Fred did not. Fred chase the squirrels out with a noise maker that pissed Claire off.

I’m not sure of the point of this story line. Is this comic relief?

Charlie sold the house that he had for a profit and Shelly was a bit annoyed because apparently she had visions of her and Charlie living there together.

I give Charlie credit for explaining to her that the house was an investment property only and the reality was that he couldn’t afford to live there. I give Charlie three leeching demerit points for suggesting that he moves into her flat. (Yes gentlemen, I know it's a double standard, but at least if he waited for her to ask..)

Big Crazy Maya.

So Leanne tried to back out of the whole trial thing and admitted that she could have made a mistake. However, Maya strong armed her by saying that she was just nervous about the trial and then when that didn’t work, she said that if she didn’t go through with the trial she’d have to pay her for the legal sevices.

Needless to say they went through with it and lost. Sunita started expressing some concerns about what Maya might do next so Dev had as talk with her and was convinced that everything was now kosher.


Last scene is Maya getting married to scarface – using Sunita’s name and id.

More Coronation Street Lookalikes

The Curly Watts double was just the tip of the iceberg in Corrie lookalikes.

Current Characters:

Les Battersby

Janice Battersby

Shelley Unwin

Chesney Brown

Past Characters:

Bet Lynch Gilroy

Reg Holdsworth

Raquel Watts


Norman ‘Curly’ Watts. Binman / Freshco’s manager / Househusband / Councillor. Curly moved away to Newcastle with his policewoman wife Emma and their young son Ben. And we haven’t seen him since.

Do you find yourself longing for his return? Now you can do something about your Curly craving. Rent-a-Curly! For your next office party or bar mitzvah, hire a Curly Watts look-alike.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Need an Assist

So I just realized that I won't be in town on the fourth of July 4th and 5th as I am going to the United States of America to attend my mother in law's wedding - to her 4th husband.

(And I actually wonder WHY I need Corrie Street, because I love my in laws, but they give me sooooooooooooooo much entertainment value in payment of marrying their boy. I like to think of them as the Jewish version of 'Dallas'. I like call their show, 'Cote St. Luc')

Anyway, could someone volunteer to do the daily update for those shows?

This btw, would be a GREAT opportunity for someone to jump on board as one of the co-authors of Corrie Canuck. (pamer. shatnerarian. anonymous.)

Scheduling Update

2 episodes of Coronation Street will be broadcast tonight, June 27 from 7-8 pm. Coronation Street will not be seen on Friday, July 1 because of Canada Day.

I verified this schedule with CBC’s Audience Relations. Keep this number for Audience Relations handy if you need it: 1-866-306-INFO (4636)

As of the time of my posting, they haven’t reflected this schedule change on the CBC Coronation Street website. Harrumph.

Our Todd: Happily Ever After

“There's not ‘grim’ in Grimshaw for nothing, you know." Eileen’s words really hit home this week. Todd’s world is torn apart as he finds Jason in bed with Sarah.

Is this the end of Todd on the Street? Let’s imagine a rosier future for him, shall we? Let’s have him run off to Canada with Karl.

This gets me thinking about Jacqueline’s ‘Question of the Week.’ Why do so many Corrie characters end up in Canuckville?

In Todd’s case it could be because same-sex marriage is legal in 8 of Canada's 10 provinces. And wouldn’t we love to see Todd happily married?

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Coronation Street Meets the Keith's Ale Guy

Watch the Alexander Keith’s Ale guy as he visits the Rovers Return.

This Royal Canadian Air Farce video uses RealPlayer.
Scroll down to ‘Coronation Street Keith’s Guy.’

For those who haven’t seen the original Keith’s Ale commercials, watch ‘Beer Funeral.’ (Video uses QuickTime.)

Friday, June 24, 2005

Update Late for Jun 22 (Wednesday)

Where does the time go?

Agh so I am late with this one, but I'm hoping you'll all forgive this time.

The party(ies) carried on with all kinds of craziness.

Party Jr. had Katy defending Martin's honour when the other gals started to suggest that his aged body might not be performing to Katy's needs. (My 38 year old sensiblities were a little offended, but that's besides the point.) Katy told Martin about this and he joked that the girls were right because each time he slept with one of them he failed them.

Okay so that was my first 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew' of the evening.

Sarah and Jason end up in his bed while Eileen, Todd and Sean are at the pub. I guess they were meant to have it off and be back at the party before the other tenants came home, but alas they fell asleep with Jasons young muscular, firm, tanned, bisceps (oh wait, sorry, Jacqueline shakes her head a bit) wrap themselves around our Sarah.

WAIT till your mother, brother and roomie get home! Tonight's episode should be fun.

Rosie hates, hates the new school and makes up a tale that other girls are bullying her (Mon dieu - Son chapeau!) and makes a lot of sad eyes in attempt to pull at Kev's heartstrings.

Now the best for last...

Party Sr.

Yup, they're swingers! Once everyone was in bed, Rula's hubby comes creeping into Rita's room and climbs into bed with her. Needless to say she is furious and proceeds to try and impale him with a pillow.

Second 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew' of the evening.

She runs down the hall to find Norris in Rula's room with Rula already to pounce. When Rita walks in Rula invites her for a threesome.

Third 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew' of the evening and Jacqueline passes out.

Although a good portion of me felt bad for Norris - I mean does he really get *that* many opportunities?

There is Nothing Like a Dame

Do you remember Corrie character Reg Holdsworth (played by Ken Morley)? He left the show in 1995. You might want to see what Ken’s up to today.

Corrie Comic Strip

The unofficial comic strip not affiliated with Granada TV. (contains material from several years ago only.)

Includes Plattman and Rebecca Vs the Evil Corry Overlords.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Actor is rotten one

Anagram Genius.

Obviously I have too much time on my hands today.

Your Celebrity Love Match

Find out how compatible you are with Keith Duffy (our Ciaran) or Samia Ghadie (our Maria.) Sorry Jacqueline. Bill Ward (our Charlie) didn’t make the list. uses the “scientific” method of biorhythms to calculate the compatibilities.


Post a caption in the comments section for this photo of Hayley.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Question of the week!

So my hubby half watches Corrie, but frequently he yells out, ‘Why would anyone in their right mind live on this street?’

Good question, luv! People are drawn to Coronation Street it’s true, but I think we all have to admit that it takes a person of super human strength to REMAIN on Corrie.

Time and time again we’ve seen characters throw in the towel and go off to find happiness and serenity elsewhere – and that elsewhere is usually Canada.

So my question of the week is:
Why do so many Corrie characters end up in Canuckville?

I have a few ideas:

1) Our mental health care system is better.
2) They believe that the BNA act entitles every British citizen to 15 acres of prime Saskatchewan farm land
3) They want to be closer to Pamer
4) Tim Horton’s Coffee
5) The British pound / Canadian Tire money exchange is too fabulous to resist.
6) Because Red Rose is only sold in Canada. Pity.

Now let’s hear your’s!

Before the update - I just have to add, that Pamer was right the Rovers is the most expensive property, followed by the Snug. Good on ya!

Update for July 21st.

I donno, I think it was kind of a yawn fest yesterday.

Sunita realizes that her parents are insane and says that she has NO family.

There’s some big birthday for Candice and Fizz and this was the major part of the show. Candice seems interested in Jason again, however, Sarah gets really drunk and her and Jason end up kissing at the end.

Rosie’s first day of school and we see her outside of her home with the most darling school uniform and hat.

Norris and Rita end up at Rula’s house for a dinner party. There’s something weird going with Rula and husband. I’m worried and a bit scared. Please, I don’t think I can handle a geriatric swinging party.

Hmmm, I think that was it. Kind of yawn.

Wherefore art thou Romeo?

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? Tis our Todd! Bruno Langley goes from the Street to Stafford as Romeo. Juliet is former EastEnder Scarlett Johnson.

Whirling 'Round the Rovers

By special request, here's outside the Rovers Return in 360 degrees.

Whirling ‘Round Weatherfield

Coronation Street in 360 degrees. Gravol recommended. (Image may take a minute to load.)

But wait! There’s more! See Canal Street while you’re in the neighbourhood. Funny though. I don’t see Todd or Karl or Sean anywhere.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The spouse and I set ourselves up with some cold ones and cracked open the Corrie Monopoly game and played a round.

It was truly amazing and the best part was saying this,

“You owe me $35! NO! WAIT! You owe me thirty five POUNDS, me matey!’

Yeah, it was all good – and I’d like to announce that I won thankyouverymuch.

Update for June 20, 2005

Tracey Barlow is getting if from all sides. The BEST part had to be in the Rovers.

Early in the show Tracey was mocking Ciaran’s circumstances and basically telling him that he’s lost his sense of humour after she made some nasty comment.

Later we see her baiting Karen by saying that Karen could have all the babies she wants because she’ll never have Steve’s first born. To which Karen replied that the only problem with Amy is that she’s half Tracey and therefore not as good as any bairn from Karen’s womb.

And the best part was to hear Ciaran laugh at that and say, ‘Come Tracey, where’s your sense of humour?’

YEAH! Take that, baby!

Sarah’s got a job at the shop but almost lost it when she had a hissy fit when Todd was in the store. Dev threatened to fire her unless she apologized and promised not to fight in the store anymore. She gave a very lovely pissed off teen apology and seems to want to keep this job as she gave Todd her boundaries.

Les tried to take a swing at Dev – for sexually harassing Leanne and that other cabbie guy (You know, the unknown Star Trek crew member) held him back.

Leanne tried to convince him to drop it, but he was pretty unwilling. Later Les is in the Rovers writing out his resignation speech (because Dev is willing to stand around listening to a Les – rant) and Leanne finally got him to drop it.
Somewhere in the show, Janice figures out that Leanne is lying about the whole thing and is pretty cross about it.

The big scene however was Sunita’s dad showing up at her door. It was ‘all is forgiven, sorry I couldn’t make it to our last meeting’ and when he found out that she had been sick it was extra sugary sweet bonding and ‘why didn’t you come to us my daughter’.

Then he finds out that she’s engaged to Dev and living with her and is pissed that she would come to them with this news but not news of her illness. Now we’re kind of back to ‘I HAVE no daughter!’

Sunita, honey, walk away from the parents, because they’re causing ME to need therapy.

Little Britain Comes to Showcase


Those of you who haven’t had the chance to catch the comedy series ‘Little Britain’ on BBC Canada can tune in Wednesday, June 22nd on Showcase. Check your local listings but it looks like it starts at 10:00 pm ET and there’s a second episode that follows.

Warning: You’ll find yourself repeating certain catchphrases such as:

“I’m the only gay in the village.”
“I’m a lay-dee. I do ladies’ things.”
“Yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but.”
“I want that one.”

And for “Anonymous” who commented with the word ‘bitty’ in response to my ‘Karen’s Cleavage’ post, this one’s for you . . .

Ken Barlow: Druid

Summer officially begins today, June 21st. Yes, it’s the Summer Solstice; a time of year favoured by Druids and Pagans alike.

Thousands converge on Stonehenge every year to celebrate the arrival of summer. William Roache (our Ken Barlow) is no stranger to the festivities. William, as well as being an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) is also a member of the Druid Order and has celebrated the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge.

William’s son Linus Roache recalls a childhood with Druid parents. “We had pendulums. We even had aura goggles; you were meant to be able to see people's auras through them."

Happy Birthday Blanche and Deirdre

Maggie Jones (our Blanche Hunt) and Anne Kirkbride (our Deirdre Ann Hunt Langton Barlow Rachid) play mother and daughter on-screen. In real life they share a birthday.

Maggie Jones: Born June 21 (year unknown)

The original Blanche was played by Patricia Cutts who died suddenly after appearing in only two episodes on the Street. The character couldn’t be cut so Maggie Jones was asked to fill the role.

Before joining the cast in 1974 as Blanche Hunt, Maggie played a police woman and a drunker shoplifter on Coronation Street.

Maggie won an award for Best Comedy Performance this year at the British Soap Awards.

Anne Kirkbride: Born June 21, 1954

Joined the cast in 1972 at age 18.

Married to David Beckett. David played plumber Dave Barton on Coronation Street. He also played the role of one of Deirdre’s many love interests.

Her on-screen wedding to Ken Barlow in 1981 received higher ratings than the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer.

Anne was diagnosed in 1993 with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is now cancer-free.

Chain-smoker who loves her fags.

Unlike Deirdre’s super-sized spectacles, Anne wears contact lenses.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Joan Collins Turns Down Corrie

Joan Collins recently turned down a role on Coronation Street because “soap acting is hard work.”

Joan played uberbitch Alexis Carrington on the 80s TV series ‘Dynasty.’

No details on what role she would have played on Corrie but I picture her as Tracy’s nemesis.

Update for Friday

So Friday’s update….

I have no idea. I watched it at 10:30 and I was – okay let’s be truthful – completely drunk after an evening at the Irish Embassy.

I think that Karen admitted that she wasn’t really pregnant but she wants to have a baby asap. This is burning Tracey’s ass a bit – especially since Liz has said she doesn’t care who has a baby, she just wants a grandchild.

Tracey is also being less than supportive of the new restaurant – and kind of nasty in fact so I think that’s it between her and Ciaran.

Leanne is determined to go through with the lawsuit against Dev and Sunita is looking worried. Like maybe he did it….. I’m thinking maybe it’s a bit unfair on Sunita’s part as the guy did jump through some hoops to get together with her. But poor Sunita’s been through enough that maybe she just accepts the worst case scenario.

I found out from the corrie group that Craig Charles who played Dave Lister on Red Dwarf will be joining Corrie as a ‘lady’s man’.

Speaking of Lady’s Man – I think that Honor has it right about the next Bond and therefore I nominate Jimmi Harkishin (Dev Alahan) as the next 007.

And as the next Pussy Galore……

HONOR BLACKMAN: Yesterday and Today

Honor Blackman today (left) as Rula Romanoff. Honor Blackman yesterday (right) as Pussy Galore in the 1964 James Bond flick ‘Goldfinger.’ Honor was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history.

Honor’s thoughts on choosing the next 007? "I think they should go for a black or Asian Bond this time. It would give the films more zip."

I want to hear Norris whisper “Pussy . . . Pussy Galore.” Then again, maybe not.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Vera Stays on The Street

Liz Dawn signs a new contract to stay on The Street.

HARRY ELTON: The Man Who Made Coronation Street Happen

Without the backing of Canadian Harry Elton, we wouldn’t be watching Coronation Street today. In 1960, Harry was working as a producer at Granada TV. The brass at Granada thought it wasn’t the type of program an audience would watch. In fact, the powers-that-be loathed the pilot episode. Harry fought successfully to bring Coronation Street to the screen. According to Corrie creator Tony Warren, "Without Harry's dogged determination, it never would have seen the light of day.”

Listen to an interview with Harry Elton on ‘As It Happens.’

Harry died at age 74 on May 16, 2004. Read Harry Elton’s obituary in The Guardian.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

More Corrie Offspring

Jacqueline told us about Vera’s real life daughter, Julie Dawn Cole and her role in Willy Wonka. Now it’s time for the spawn of Ken Barlow. William Roache’s son Linus Roache, 41, has many theatre, film and TV credits to his name.

He appeared briefly as a young Peter Barlow in 1975.

(photo via

Now he hits the screen as Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas Wayne in ‘Batman Begins.’

Friday, June 17, 2005

Karen’s Cleavage

Back in March, our eagle-eyed contributor Radmila posed the question: “Am I the only one who's noticed that Karen has had her orbs augmented?” In the name of “research” I attempted to find an answer. I couldn’t come up with any evidence in print that the notable knockers are anything but natural.

Pictured below is our Karen McDonald (Suranne Jones) at the 2004 British Soap Awards clutching her award for breast, er, Best Actress. (She won again in 2005.)

Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Are these or are these not bona fide boobies? I’ll leave it up to our discerning readers to decide.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Queer Beer

With the doubling of Weatherfield’s gay population since the arrival of Sean on The Street, the staff at The Rovers should consider stocking up on Queer Beer.

I forgot!

Update spoiler

I forgot to mention...

Last night as Steve and Karen were walking past Tracey, Tracey did this whole Steve belongs to me because I have his baby schtick. Karen dropped the bombshell that she too was pregnant.

Hmmm. Don't know if she's telling the truth, but might explain some of her loopy behaviour.

Weatherfield Wannabees

Amanda Donohoe was offered a role on Coronation Street but turned it down as she was living in the U.S. at the time. Now she’s back in the U.K. and has revealed that her secret ambition is to land a part on Corrie. "I'd love to play one of those larger-than-life, big-mouth northern birds.”

Amanda isn't the only actor with a desire to hit the cobbles. Orlando Bloom has reportedly begged the Corrie bosses for a role but so far no word on whether he’ll join the cast.

Radmila's Pressie Came Today

My e-bay score came in today and the best part is that the mailcarrier got me to sign for a package that was listed as 'Shampoo and Knickers'.

I feel like a French hooker in WWII. I love it!!!

Anyway, deerio, when Mrs. Mystic is back we need to drink and I need to shower you with this gift.

So, last night's Classic Corrie had this fabulous line. The doctor tells Deidre and Ken that the most important thing to Tracey's recovery is, "a stable home environment". do know the girl lives on Coronation Street?

I'm thinking that's the funniest Corrie line, ever.

I realized at 4:30 am that I forgot to post a question of the week yesterday, but I think MJ's caption contest will make up for it.

Update for Wednesday June 15
Cieran's losing customers, but fast. Last night's dinner saw the restaurant only 1/8th full and Cieran ended up having a row with both Roy and the Platts. Okay the Platt thing had something to do with him calling Sarah stupid and firing her.

Why am I crying so much over Karen? I have to say, this is really pulling at my heart strings. Steve and her have reconciled and she ended up going back to mom's grave and making her piece with her. Of course, Liz is giving Steve a hard time about Karen again and Tracey is seriously pissed right now.

Janice is trying to convince Leanne not to sue Dev, that it would just open up an attack on her character. Leanne tried to make up to Dev when he came into the cafe, but he responded with some pretty nasty words, so it looks like she's going to dig her heels in and fight it out with him.

Oh and poor old Norris! Turns out Rula is married. They went out to dinner with her and her husband but we're still not sure what this woman wants.

Coronation Street Casualties

Don’t buy your next house on Coronation Street. Become a bomb disposal expert instead. Because the British Medical Journal says so, that’s why.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Vera and Grandpa Joe - 6 Degrees of Seperation

So MJ mentions Vera and I had to go look for Elizabeth Dawn and found out that her daughter is Julie Dawn Cole who played Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Here’s a more up to date photo.

As far as I know, however, Elizabeth Dawn had nothing to do with the creation of these guys

omg, look at those teeny tiny waists!

BTW- I just read my last post...nice proof reading Jacqueline.

I was on crack this morning.

Vera Duckworth’s Local

Recently I posted about the World of Coronation Street Tour. They mention a pub owned by Liz Dawn (our Vera Duckworth.) Located in Manchester, it’s called ‘Old Grapes.’ Has anyone visited Old Grapes and can report back to us?

Photo of the pub on Scottyweb.

Monopoly and Update

So once I get my butt in gear I'll get some pics, but so far what I can tell you is that play is the same, however the properties are delicious pieces such at the Robers, Roy's Rolls, No 6, etc. The game comes with a pamphlet that explains the rules, but also goes on to provide a history of the street and it's various characters.

The chance and community chest cards are different, wish such gems as 'Pop into No. 13 for a cup of tea and a chat', 'From Sale of Knickers You Get $50', and my fav, 'Go back to Elliiot's Butchers, I say, Go back to Elliot's Butchers'.

La Familia and I will be testing it out this weekend and give you a full report.

Before I give my update on last night's episode, I have to tell you about the Classic Corrie episode I watched last night. It's from 1995 and Tracey has come out of her drug induced coma and Deidre has some bad news for Ken.

"Ken, it's Tracey's kidneys. They've failed and she'll have to go on dialysis (NOT looking that up), for 4 hours a day, three times a week, FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!'

For the rest of her life? Damn, unless they fixed her between then and now, that girl has got to be the poster girl for living a full life with kidney failure.

'Tracey Barlow, mother, skank, evil person and living with kidney failure.'

UPDATE June 13, 2005

Well, first night of McCarthy's and despite little boo-boos (such as Sarah serving Dev and Sunita slabs of steak 'But we're Hindu!' - although now I want to see every single episode that Dev's been in and see if we can't catch him sucking back beef, just for consistency sake) it would see to be a success. The Duckworths and crew seemed to enjoy themselves. Mike kept complaining through the whole thing and I think if I were Penny, I would have dumped him pretty much right then and there.

Karen snapped out of it. The thought of Steve going off with Tracey was too much and she cried for him to come back, which he did - running. They had a long talk and I think she might be on the mend. Tracey is more than a little upset with this and has a bit of the 'As God is my witness, I will have that man!' attitude going on right now.

Leanne is sticking to her story that Dev came on to her and subsequently sacked her. Maya got wind of this and is now trying to convince her to bring charges against Dev and - oh yeah, here's my card, I'll represent you. Leanne seemed very unsure until she heard the sweet sound of $$$$.

Norris is completely smitten with Rula, although she seems to think that he and Rita are an item. She has invited both of them out of dinner.

And're so bad...but so hot. Why am I so in love with you?


Post your own caption for this photo in the comments section.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jacqueline Blushing Day - and update for June 13

First of all - my goodness MJ, thank you and well, I'm's nice to get that kind of recognition. I'd have to say though, that many kudos you deserve for your amazing part in this blog. You're kind of like part of the Borg Corrie Collective - if something Corrie happens, you're on it.

But I second MJ's request and also encourage anyone out there to join the team and do some writing. How about Pamer? I'm sure HE can bring us some interesting tidbits from the MALE perspective. (okay, I think I'm just embarassing everyone concerned now.)

I have a small confession to make though, I'm glad it's back to 1/2 episodes. It was actually becoming a challenge to get the telly for a whole hour and like someone said if a certain story goes on for the full hour, you can get exhausted. But that's just me.

Oh, and last night the Corrie St. Monopoly game came. I was so happy that I took it to bed with me and hugged it all night.

Remember, these updates will contain spoilers for anyone who prefers to watch on Sundays.

So last night after a close call with the health inspector (no hot water)Cieran was able to open up McCarthys. I'd like to say right from the get-go that the food better be fantastic, because that decor is nothing short of god-awful. Regardless, the Irishman is happy and has Sarah on his staff.

Karen is having a complete breakdown and Tracey...well Tracey you are truly such an evil bitch. Janice tried to snap Karen out of this by telling her that all this behaviour would cost her Steve, but that just seem to make Karen realize that she didn't deserve him.

She gave Tracey money towards Amy and literally threw Steve out the door to go see Amy. (Steve, you needed to go back in and tell Karen that although you want to see your daughter, nothing's up with Tracey.) Anyway, Tracey was UBER Smug and the last shot we got is of Karen standing at the doorway with nothing. I've always had a soft spot for Karen despite her monkeyshines, so this kind of broke my heart.

A new face showed up yesterday, the sex symbol of the over 70 crowd, Rula Romanoff, played by Honor Blackman (aka Pussy Galore). She stopped into the Kabin to hook up with Rita who wasn't there, but managed to steal the hearts of Fred and Norris (whom she compared (in an obvious fit of dementia) to DeNiro. Turns out that Rula used to work with Rita when Rita was a nightclub singer back in the day.

SUPER SPOILER - Regarding the departure of a main character.

So what I suspected was right. In an interview with Sean Wilson, he stated that never had a dispute with the writers about his character sleeping with 16 year old Katy, however, he refused their further suggestion that he sleep with an even younger girl, turning Martin into a pedophile.

Hmmmm, rumour has it that his refusal to go along with that story line is the reason for the ax. (I suspect he wasnt' cool with the Katy storyline either though.)

You know, as boring as the Martin characters been, I didn't think he deserved to be taken down that path. Good luck to Sean in his future work - I hope he really kicks ass out there.

Jacqueline Appreciation Day

I, contributor MJ, do gleefully declare this, June 14th, to be Jacqueline Appreciation Day.

2005 is the year of Corrie Canuck. Since January, Jacqueline has provided a haven for those of us who must have our daily dose of Jack and Vera and Roy and Hayley and Steve and Karen and Ken and Deirdre and Les and Cilla and Dev and Sunita and Ciaran and Tracy. Well, maybe not Tracy.

We now have 5 contributors: Jacqueline, MJ, Radmila, Uta, and Susan. Lots of Corrie fans have been posting comments and we’re happy to have you along for the ride. To those of you who have been posting comments and want to do more (you know you want more) and to any of you who are reading the posts but not commenting (we know you’re out there) . . . we welcome you to become contributors. For details, email Jacqueline:

In appreciation of Jacqueline, please support her in the Run for the Cure (see her June 13 posting.)

Thanks, Jacqueline, for creating Corrie Canuck. A place for Canadian Coronation Street fans to call home.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Non-Corrie, But Important

Each year I participate in the 5K CIBC Run for the Cure to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The funds raised are used to support breast cancer research, education and awareness.

Last year the event raised 21 million dollars, and with the support of a whole bunch of gorgeous people I was able to raise $1,500 of that.

Like many of you I hate the cancer – a lot – and really appreciate the opportunity I have to fight it and help save lives. I am looking forward to once again having that chance on October 2, 2005.

This run is very dear to me and this year I’m setting my goal even higher. I would like to raise $3,500 in donation. I know this is a high goal; but once again I’m starting early and asking everyone I’ve ever met if they are able to support me by donating whatever they can. Every little bit helps and I’m always amazed at how quickly the numbers add up.

If you would like to support me by an online donation, go to the Run for the Cure website. In the middle there is a section for donations and you can search Jacqueline Myers in Toronto. (BTW, international donors are more than welcomed and I love to reciprocate ;-))

If you would like to support me but don’t feel comfortable donating online, send me an email at and I’ll give you my address or if you live near me, I can take a donation in person.

Thanks once again for letting me come to you asking for donations and thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Your support really does help towards a future without breast cancer.

(Oh, I always like to add this side note…On a personal the Run for the Cure was the very first 5K I had ever completed. Not only has it inspired me to join in the battle against breast cancer, it also got me involved in running. Since that first run I’ve completed many other runs including a 21k half marathon in Ottawa last year and this year I’m looking forward to running a full marathon in Dublin at the end of October, in addition to trying to get under 30 minutes for this year’s Run for the Cure.)

Many thanks,

Other Usefull Sites for Karen

I think she needs cheering up, she needs to know that she's not the demon seed and that Jesus loves and is with her...

at work


at play.


Okay, so it would seem that every one is cool with my providing daily updates. I really do prefer this myself as I can never remember what happened at the end of the week.

So what I'll do is set the subject line to something like 'Update: June 16' so that you'll all know that the spoiler is there. In addition all the discussion can be attached to that update via the comments section.

This week, Karen became completely insane believing that her mother was right and that she is the devil incarnate. She has given way all her clothes, stopped smoking, drinking and has apologized to everyone on the street. Steve does not love the new Karen and tried to get her to snap out of it by giving her a credit card with 5 grand on it. (wow. I'd be ashamed to admit what I'd be willing to do for him.) But she had a complete breakdown and even this little bonbon did nothing for her.

Kieran almost lost the restaurant due to a lack of funds and threw a dinner for potential investors, except Tracey managed to sell it like a sinking ship which scared everyone off. She also tried to get K to take the money and run, screwing Penny out of her pennies. However, K was not about to mess around with the one person who had faith in him and in the end, Penny put up the rest of the money.

Leanne dumped the Baldwin boy - mainly cause he's a jackass.

Sunita tried to reconnect with her family, but when she called their home her mother hung up on her. Her brother came to visit, but I think it was basically to tell her to give up on the idea of getting back together with the family. Her mother won't let her name be spoken in the house.

Sunita, honey, there's a thinking out there that sometimes you have to just walk away from the biological family and create your own family with those close to you. I'm thinking it's time to do that.

Sean is settling into Weatherfield and has managed to get himself a gig at Underworld (shortly after he lost his cosmetics job). Looks like he's going to fit right in.

What else happened? See, what I said about my memory?

Oh yeah, I also didn't catch friday's epsisode. Anyone care to fill us in?

Guest Blogger

John H. sent me this which originally appeared in his blog. It's perfect Corrie Canuck material so he graciously let us use it for our little piece of the blogging world.

"Sad Sunita"

I think the writers of Coronation
have some kind of grudge against actress Shobna
, who plays Sunita Parekh (soon to be Sunita Alahan) on the show.

So far Sunita has:

- been disowned by her family for ducking out on an arranged marriage.
- Got engaged to Ciaran McCarthy, who ended up in prison for being AWOL from the navy. She then found out he didn't love her and left him on the altar.
- Found that her true love Dev had hooked up with bitchy ex-lawyer and
nutcase Maya
- Had a one-night stand with Danny Baldwin, whom she later found out was already married
- Thought she was carrying he child but wasn't because she...
- Had an aneurysm
- Had a brain tumour
- Was told her estranged father would like a meeting with her but stood her
up, leaving her sitting on a park bench in the rain..

And it gets even worse for her over the next month.

Sad, sad Sunita.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Karen McDonald: Devil or Angel?

Our Karen’s gone from mouthy to mousy. From stroppy to subdued. From bolshie to benevolent. I half expected her to start speaking in tongues, rolling on the floor and handling poisonous serpents. I’m surprised the face of the Blessed Virgin didn't appear on her toast.

Now that she’s given away all her fancy frocks she’ll have to purchase more modest apparel.

Not the red boots! Will Karen replace her sexy red boots with footwear that sends a more positive message?

What exactly does the well-dressed reprobate wear in Hell?

Karen actually ironed a shirt for Steve! In an effort to mend her ways, has Karen been reading from the pages of the Rebellious Wives manual?

How long can she keep up the Little Miss Goody Two Shoes act? Karen McDonald: Devil or angel? I suspect that Tracy Barlow will push her to her limit. Stay tuned.

(illustration via ‘The Works of Mercy’ collection)

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Okay, so I've been wondering about this for awhile and LDF's request for updates has spurred me on to take a poll.

Would you guys prefer

1. that this blog was open for Corrie discussion during the week (e.g. on Tuesday we can talk about Monday) and those who watch it on Sunday can come in at the end of the week (Or we could put **Spoiler** warnings before the posts and the sunday watchers can just avoid those posts).


2. We stay the course and wait until Sunday for chatting?

The reason I ask this is because I really enjoy doing the updates but find it a little tricky to remember everything to give updates on Sunday. This might change because we're going back to 1/2 hours episodes, however. I guess the other thing I could write down my thoughts each night and just post on the weekend.

But I'm wondering if everyone is anxious to discuss the episodes during the week.

Guess How Old...
Ken is in real life.

72. I was shocked, I honestly thought he was in his early 60's. But get this, Rita is younger, she's only 67. Methinks the makeup ages. Deirdre is 51, Emily is 74, Mike is around 70.

Update on CBC Evening Schedule

Starting Monday, June 13, Coronation Street reverts to half-hour episodes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 p.m.

We’ll have to wait until fall for Corrie five nights a week.

I’m still hoping someone will create an All-Coronation-Street-All-The-Time Channel.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Jason

Born: June 10, 1984

Ryan Thomas (Corrie’s Jason Grimshaw) turns 21 today.

Ryan Thomas tidbits:

Made his debut on Coronation Street at age 16 on Christmas Day, 2000.

Volunteers once a week at Christie’s Hospital in Manchester. His mom Gail is a nurse at the hospital.

When he was younger, Ryan was invited to tea by Michael Jackson but the meeting never occurred. (Close one, Ryan.)

Ryan is dating Tina O’Brien (our Sarah Platt.) They got together five months after Tina’s breakup with Bruno Langley (our Todd Grimshaw and Ryan’s on-screen brother.)

Former flatmate of Bruno Langley.

He’s reunited with his estranged biological father, soul singer Dougie James.

Ryan goes for facials and applies facemasks because the Corrie makeup takes its toll on his skin.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Met on the Set

These real-life romances began on The Cobbles

Tina O’Brien (our Sarah Platt) and Ryan Thomas (our Jason Grimshaw) are an item. Previously, Tina was dating Bruno Langley (Jason’s on-screen brother Todd.) Since there are only two Grimshaw brothers, we can assume she hasn’t moved on to a third.

Nikki Sanderson (our Candice Stowe) has taken up with Danny Young (our Warren Baldwin.) As we speak, this romance remains tabloid fodder. Will they split up or won’t they? A nation hangs in the balance.

Jennifer James (our Gina Gregory) married Lee Boardman (our Jez Quigley) a month after they met on the set. Both actors have since left The Street. But not each other.

Lucy-Jo Hudson (our Katy Harris) is dating Alan Halsall (our Tyrone Dobbs.) Rumour has it that the Corrie mechanic is "handy with tools."

Suranne Jones (our Karen McDonald) and Jonathan Wrather (our Joe Carter) heated up the small screen. Their popcorn passion carried over into real life but they’ve since split up. Karen has moved on to EastEnders star Marc Bannerman. She’s also been linked to David (I'm a lay-dee ) Walliams of ‘Little Britain.’

Anne Kirkbride (our Deirdre) is married to David Beckett who played one of her many on-screen boyfriends, plumber Dave Barton. We can only guess that he steamed up her spectacles.

Julie Hesmondhalgh (our Hayley Cropper) met her husband Ian Kershaw in her first week on the show. Ian played a Weatherfield Gazette reporter.

By the time you read this, any of these Corrie canoodlings could be history. Can anyone update or add to this list?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Separated at Birth?

I hope you’ve all read Jacqueline’s excellent question of the day, “What form of Coronation Street Crazy do you suffer from?” in which she delves into our collective Coronation Street psyches.

Jacqueline described the condition known as Manchester Turrets – an obsessive, I say, an obsessive-compulsive language disorder.

She sites these famed sufferers as classic cases and I’ve found proof that the two are one and the same . . .

Fred Elliott and Foghorn Leghorn.

Wednesday's Question for June 8

Today’s question, what form of Coronation Street Crazy do you suffer from?

Crazybitchism – as suffered by Maya

Can’t Let Go of My Twenties Syndrome – as demonstrated by the fashion stylings of Liz McDonald

Can’t Let Go of Men in Their Twenties Syndrome – Bev long time sufferer.

Manchester Turrets – an obsessive, I say, an obsessive-compulsive language disorder. Famed sufferers, Fred Elliot and Foghorn Leghorn.

Blanchities – self-explanatory

Nana Mouskouri Fever – Condition suffered by Deidre where the patient is unable to see without glass lens at least 3 inches in diameter.

Incurable Fabulousness – Bet Lynch

Les Battersby Pnemonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu - You're just a git.

Personally, I suffer from ‘Perrierless Condition’, which I share with Frankie. Common symptoms of this condition include delirium after being told that not every cafĂ© serves espresso and not every corner shop stocks tzatziki.

Notes on this week’s episodes so far:
- Karen, I’m not sure Steve WANTS an angel.

- Anyone out there think that Mike wears a rug?

Headline of the Day

Corrie Canuck readers will recall Friday’s posting urging you to attend a weekend of monster truck madness with your favourite Corrie stars. After waiting breathlessly for news on this thrillfest, I bring you an update . . .

Headline of the Day: Street stars share stage with trucks

World of Coronation Street Tour

When money is no object and the cobblestones are calling your name.
It’s the World of Coronation Street Tour.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

All Hail Daran Little

Daran Little is Coronation Street’s walking encyclopedia. Daran has seen every episode of Coronation Street. He knows everything there is to know about each Corrie character and plotline down to the finest detail.

He became Coronation Street’s archivist in 1989, after graduating from Manchester Polytechnic in film and television production. In 1996 he was made Manager of Drama Serials, working with the producers and writers to build up profiles and histories for every Corrie character.

He's now a scriptwriter for Corrie. The first thing that he did as a writer was to create Todd and Jason.

Daran is the author of several books about Coronation Street including:

Around the Coronation Street Houses
The Women of Coronation Street
The Coronation Street Story – Celebrating 35 Years on the Street
Forty Years of Coronation Street
The Ogdens of Number 13
The Lives and Loves of Elsie Tanner
Life and Times at the Rovers Return
Who’s Who on Coronation Street
Coronation Street: The War Years Saga
Coronation Street: Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Daran is co-author of the following books:

Betty: The Autobiography
Weatherfield Life

Daran Little, we salute you. Corrie’s own historian/author/scriptwriter extraordinaire.

An interview with Daran Little is on

Another interview with Daran is on

Monday, June 06, 2005

Gay Pride Week on Corrie

So this week had some fantastic scenes and I think there was a definite theme to it vis-a-vis 'We're here! We're queer and we won't go away'.

1. Todd's speech at the Rovers was brill, although the 'Shut up Les' rebellion had a certain smell of cheese to it.

2. Haley's feelings about only ever being a transsexual in the eyes of the community was dead on. I could really feel for her when she went on about no matter what she accomplishes, people only see her as 'used to be a man'. Then Roy (I take it all back wot I said before 'bout you) was great telling her to use Todd as an example.

3. Karl telling Martin to back off was the BEST and a long time coming. I sometimes have mixed feelings about Karl, but this was right on the money. The 'I let you have the first one because of what you're daughter was going through, but not this time.' Martin seemed to have overlooked the that Karl is a good 10 years younger and in lot better shape. But cheers to Martin for having the maturity to go apologize to Todd.

4. All of which I think was a lead into introducing SEAN! OMG - I almost plotzed when he came into the shop and then to think that he's staying. I only hope that he won't be the 'only gay in the village' (Little Britain reference) - his character is great but perhaps a tad stereotypical. I'd like to see a balance there.

5. and then there's Jack in a dress - or maybe that's weird.

Other thoughts:

Maya - you are not Sunita, you are one crazy bitch.

Will someone on the street pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease adopt Chesney?

I've also been loving the Classic Corrie (it somehow justifies the ridiculous amount of money I spend on cable.)

Bet, Bet, Bet, Bet, Bet, Bet, Bet!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

He's Here! He's Queer!

Todd is no longer the only gay in the village. Sean Tully (played by Antony Cotton) breezes onto the cobbles and lights up The Street. In one fell swoop, he puts Norris in his place, finds a place to kip, and offers skin care advice to Eileen and Deirdre.

Overcome with gratitude at Eileen’s offer to kip on her sofa for the night, he breaks into song… “It's like the finale of ‘Annie' isn't it? You know at the end when Daddy Warbucks takes her in and they all sing, ‘The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow!'”

Sean surveys the party atmosphere at the Rovers (and, no doubt, the inexplicable sight of Deirdre playing harmonica) and exclaims, “Is it like this here all the time? This is better than Big Brother! You should charge admission!”

Welcome to The Street Sean!!!