Thursday, February 24, 2005

Superb Writitng - slight spoiler

I won't give too much away for those of you who watch on the weekend - other than - who ever is writing the dialog between Todd and his mom should get a freakin' award.

Well done! I love the way they have her trying to deal with is gay issue but still not being able to stay away from her issues with Sarah and university, etc. I think that was probably the most 'real' discussion I've ever seen on that show.

Will go further on this after the weekend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Corrie History

Here's a cool history of Corrie St.

Post weekend post

Okay - I waited until the weekend to post, just in case some people don't watch Corrie during the week.

#1 - Yes Todd, come on out, come into the light and be gay. We really, really need you to. Don't worry we'll all stand by Sarah (c'mon if the girl can survive her mom's last boyfriend, she'll survive this). But you got to come out now.

Any thoughts on Karl's approach to getting Todd to come out? I think he's right to push the issue, but sometimes I think his timing leaves a little do be desired. Like Todd should desert Sarah while on an errand for chips and coke. So the pregnant girl can sit for hours worried that her man was hit by a car??

#2 - Yes, I applaud Corrie St. for addressing current issues, but I'm not quite sure if I'm ready for Jack and Vera's sex life.

#3 - I didn't realize that Sally and Kevin only got back together for the kids. Has there been any love in that household?

#4 - Maya - okay girl, you are evil. And Dev - if you're saying that the girl is certifiable why are you marrying her? hmm? Didn't she try to kill you in her car once?

#5 - Question - who's your vote for hottest character on C.S. past or present? I'll have to give this some thought myself.

Friday, February 11, 2005


How long have you been watching Coronation Street?
What is its appeal to you?

I have been watching for about three years - Just as Sarah went into the hospital to have Bethany, and Martin was cheating on Gail with some nurse.

It appeals to me because the story lines are based around everyday people, and the stories are fast paced so they don't get boring. I can't stand American soap operas where every one is rich and dress beautifully - it is so unrealistic (at least in my world). I think I also like to see the English towns, shops etc... it reminds me somewhat of when I lived in Germany (the closest I can get as I don't get German TV). I did spend some time in London, and I really loved it there - so those memories are reflected in Corrie as well.

Monday, February 07, 2005

One of the best episodes in a long time

Where Bev losing her freakin' mind.

She's already without her daughter, she's starting to lose it on the customers and Betty quits.

So what's the appropriate course of action? Sexually harrass Kieren and then can him for not sleeping with you!

I LOVE IT! (Maybe because I'm always 3 steps away from doing something that stupid myself.)

And Cilla getting caught with the credit card? I love seeing her get a kick in the ass - I just have to say that. Although I'm surprised that this bothered Les as much as it did.