Friday, December 02, 2005

Wife Loves 'Soaps' - Tunes Out World

Dear Abby doles out advice to husband of soap-addicted wife.

This Corrie Canuck contributor refuses to answer the phone when Corrie’s on. How about you? Do you have any rules while watching Corrie?


SOH said...

Corrie rules supreme. No interrupts during Corrie (except to yell at our Kay-teh and hurl things at the screen when she is on). No phone. No talk. No doorbell. Only Corrie and a nice pot of hot, steaming tea.

Anonymous said...

With four kids, I cannot count on sitting down uninterrupted every night at 7:30.

Invariably, a child finds me, and there is much moaning about who said what in the teenage clique.

Or a very long joke told by a short 9-year-old that -- sadly -- always lacks a punchline. But
always cracks him up.

Apparently, as a mother, society demands that I respond with enthusiasm to either of these interruptions.

So I tape shows and watch them at a convenient time.

Then I give a very clear and hissing warning that I am about to watch Corrie. Those who enter my presence had better be silent, and hopefully bearing gifts of food or drink.

wife of Mr. Mystic said...

No phone, no talking or risk imminent pain.

big_girlfeet said...

must record on pvr to skip commercials and have g&t in hand....

Jacqueline said...

I ask my hubby and sister to take the dog for a walk.

Then I lock them out.

Morrissey Gal said...

Sappy, but the husband and I MUST watch every episode together.

It does create tension when some of us (ahem) read ahead sometimes, and fidget uncontrollably during the episodes due to knowing the coming plot-lines.

Sometimes there's tea and chocolate cake during Corrie.

Echo Mouse said...

We have the VCR at the ready. If the phone rings, we check call display. If we have to take it, we start recording with the VCR BEFORE we answer the phone. LOL