Thursday, December 01, 2005

updatedy baby

Dear Katydid-it

I officially hate you.

You whiny cowardly selfish bitch. Yeah, I said it.

You let your mom go to jail for you. Your MOM.

Hands up, who would rather die than see their mom in prison.

Personally, I can't wait to see what happens when Craig finds out the truth.


#1 - Harris Tweeds

The police broke down the Harris house to search for evidence and in an unusual move, Katydid-it did a lot of screaming and crying.

After they left, Haley came over to see how they were doing and let it out that she told the police that she mailed the threat letter.

Craig was all, 'What's this all about?' and Katydid-it let him in on Ang's plans with the letter. He is getting pretty suspicious.

Katydid-it immediately started - wait for it - screaming and crying and told Haley that it was all her fault that the police have destroyed their lives.

Of course, it's all Haley's fault.

Oh, btw, I forgot to mention yeserday, the police put Ang at the scene of the crime because they found one of her hairs in the pool of blood by Tommy.

The police threatened to bring the kids in for questioning, so Ang confessed to the murder.

#2 - Nate and the Mechanics

Tracey's new beau went back to the garage to apologize about he previous comment (about the last guy being lazy) and asked once again to get work.

Only Tyrone is working there as Kev's on vacation, but he still didn't want the extra hand.

He later learned to regret this move because Steve's car wasn't ready when he said it would be, which brings us to.....

#3 - Steve MacDonald and his Colleen

Steve pitches a fit at Tyrone and in order to get him to settle down, the Irish girl kisses him. This makes Steve very, very happy.

(Please God, let her stick around.)

#4 - Statues, I say, Statues!!!

Fred bought a statue for the garden....a godess he says, I say, a goddess he says.

He unveils to Ashley and Claire something that can only be described as a life sized Henry Moore(ish), Gustav Vigeland, statue of Fred himself in drag.

It does not please the children.

With the promise of further grandchildren, Claire convinces him to take it back. (Take it back Fred, take it back!)

Classic Corrie

Okay - last night was probably one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen. The Mallets getting Jack drunk. Every time his beer would move an inch away from his body - they'd drop some vodka in.

Why doesn't anyone do that to me?


John said...

Anyone notice the continuity gaffe in last night's episode? When Hayley went to the Harris house, she removed her red anorak. When Kay-eh starting screeching at her, she ran quickly ran off, to which I said, "Don't forget your anorak, Hayley!" but she forgot it.

Next scene, she's in Roy's Rolls, wearing the anorak. That? Is one amazing coat.

Jacqueline said...

I've had a few husbands like that.

You leave them some place, and they just show up again somewhere else.

Echo Mouse said...

I'm just waiting to Katy to finally get off the show. I can't stand the shaking and freaking bad acting!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch until Sunday and now I don't have to. Thanks for all the updates sheesh

Jacqueline said...

The reason I put UPDATE in the title is so that readers know there is a Corrie update and thus spoilers.

At the begining of this blog, I had asked readers if they would prefer a daily update or a Sunday one.

The vote was for a daily one.

John said...

I've always been of the opinion that, once the show has aired (in Canada), it's out there and, as a nightly show, the Sunday omnibus is just a bonus for catching up. Therefore, discussions after the weeknight airing are perfectly acceptable and we shouldn't worry about spoiling. It's pretty much the rule by which Television Without Pity works and that seems to function alright.

The only rule I'd enforce would be to avoiding spoiling episodes that have not yet aired in Canada.

Morrissey Gal said...

John - yeah, I noticed the anorak mishap too. Oh well, they can't always be perfect.

I thought that Steve and Louise's date was really cute. How come they never eat fish with their chips?