Thursday, December 22, 2005


Okay, so here's what happened.

I went out to the Hong Shing for dinner and while I was there, one of my friend's young son accidently switched to Corrie on the restaurant's t.v.

I chatted to my buddies about the Katydid storyline and Deidre's many loves. They christened me the 'Desperate Hausfrau.'

I made a mental note to get home in time to watch it at home on one of the western channels we get piped in.

So at 10:30 I made it in, just to realize I forgot that we got TWO episodes last night.

I spent the next half hour watching the telly and smoking in angry silence.

So my focus was on what a dunderhead I am, not Corrie.

What I could gather is that Tracey threatened to move away because Steve dinno love her.

Tracey says that Steve only wants her when he's lonely or randy. Diedre pipes in with a big grin, 'Well at least that's SOMETHING!' Yeah...okay. You're not allowed to give advice anymore.

Steve manages to stop her and convince her to stay and they will give it a go as a family.

Candice is trying very hard to pronounce big words.

Chelsey desperatly waits for his mom.

Sean had a date. He could have done better.

I open the floor to those of you who can provide a better update.

My drunken ass apologizes for my failures.


MJ said...

Eileen wins the bingo jackpot thus sending Vera into a rage. (She figured she'd win with her lucky Cliff Richard talisman doll.) Vera accuses Sean of fixing the balls. He tells her off in front of everyone at the Rovers.

Candice moves in the Danny/Frankie Baldwins.

Roy massages Hayley's feet.

papasmurf said...

Vera got banned from the Bingo hall, Chesney sat by the phone waiting for his troll, oops mother and Uncle Les to call from Spain, I'm sure Charlie did something nasty but I forget what it was.

Anonymous said...

As they talk about whether to go to katy's funeral, Gayle points out to Sally that if it wasn't for sally's affair with her boss and the misunderstanding that she was having it with Martin, Tommy and Kateh would be alive.

Sally bares her teeth -- telling Gayle two people are dead not because of her affair, but because Gayle's ex-husband Martin had a thing for a 16-year-old.

Gee, ever seen two bestest friends who deserve each other more?


kowy said...

Maybe it's just me, but regarding the family discussion with the whole Barlow family.....

...that's creepy. I can't ever think of having any conversation regarding my sex life with my whole family piping in with their opinions.


Pamer said...

Roy and Haley's feet...euwwwww!

Fred tells Shelly that he no longer intends to sell the Rover's and Shel is a bit disappointed. Charlie says "Well you should have trusted me and not dragged your feet getting surveys and maybe we could have gotten Fred to Sign something on paper"

Shelly says "yer right Chawlie"

Chawwwwlie says "let's not let the dream die, we'll look for something else, maybe some quiet spot inthe country where I can whip you into servitude as my mindless love slave"

Shelly batts her eyelashes "oh Chawwwlie"

GoBetty said...

I love your drunken ass.