Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Update for Tuesday

Tommy Can You Hear Me

Is acting brilliantly. Angry grieving teen who is confused and can't decide who he's pissed at.

He seeks out Martin and wants to talk to him, I suspect because he was so close to Katy. Craig is angry at his granddad because Granddad never liked Tommy.

In the end, Craig wants to go to the cemetary to see Tommy and both Martin and Grandad go with him. Grandad doesn't want to go into the cemetary, and there is a big blow up between him and Craig. Craig does the classic teen schtick and runs off towards Tommy's grave.

Unfortunately, when he gets there, h e finds that he might get a lot closer to Tommy than he wanted to. Oh no! The police are digging up Tommy!

Deidre Smoke Free Since Thursday
Deidre and Ken are back from holiday and 92% of Deidre's body is covered in nicotine patchs. Oh no! She's off the smokes!

Tracey and her have a heart to heart about Steve. Tracey admits that she likes Nathan (Nathan, Nathan Detroit...sorry, broke out into a 'Guys and Dolls' song again) but that she is in love with Steve.

Women Behind Bars
Haley visits Angela in prison and Ang tells her truth about what happened. She wants Haley to let everyone on the street know that she didn't kill Tommy, that Katydid.

A Medical Miracle, I Say, A Medical Miracle
Fred lets Shel know that he won't be selling the pub and the water turned out to be old sewage (and he miracuoulsy survied drinking it). Charlie tells Stepford Shel not to blame herself too much. After all, if they had forwent the building inspection, they could have snapped up the pub before Fred Changed his mind.

That Charlie, always thinking about others!

Stepford and Charles did have some chat about getting another pub, but I ws so distracted by the bottle of vodka behind them, that I didn't follow the conversation. But I think the upshot is that they're going to buy a country pub. (And the advantage to a country place is that Shel will not be isolated from her mates at all.)

What's in the Daily News?
I'll tell you what's in the daily news? All the sorrid details about Candice being fired from her job. The local rag has published all the info on Candice being canned and her soon rise to fame and power. (Don't Cry for Me Weatherfield)

Okay, how SLOW of a newsday was it?

Leanne Beanne
Is sick. I totally wasn't paying attention to her chat with brother Baldwin. If anyone wants to fill in the blanks.


papasmurf said...

Leanne nattered on about something or other but I was playing with my cat Sharky and missed most of it.

Charlie is the spawn of Satan though.

Pamer said...

Leanne was going on about her time in Australia (i think) and Jamie asked if she thought that that might ever like to get their own place together, move away etc. She said that they'd miss Weatherfield if they moved away.

It was a cozy little Nyquil conversation