Thursday, December 15, 2005

Update for Dec 14_05

A bit boring last night...just seem to move a few story lines forward.

The Couple known as 'Stacey'
Steven and Tracey did end up in the sack and Liz is very, very happy about this. Steve told Tracey that he had to work later that evening, but she found him in the Rovers and gave him hell for not collecting her. (Blanche had given her a reality check earlier and told her that Steve was just after her for the hot momma sex.) Glad to see her be straight with him.

The irony was that Steve was just telling Liz how much he was interested in Tracey.

I agree with a few reader's Tracey is actually tolerable when she's with Steve.

Women Behind Bars
Angela is trying to get out of prison to see Katydid, but surprise, surprise, the police don't buy Katy's suicide note.

Martin and Gayle told Craig the truth about Katy. Of course, he flipped out and started blaming Martin for everything. Then he hit Martin (hee-hee).

I am really groovy on the way Gayle has stepped up as substitute mom for Craig. He needs someone there for him.

(It's a world gone topsy turvy when my two favorite characters this week are Gayle and Tracey.)

Stormee Weather
Candice did a mock weather report for the Baldwins. Kind of painful and funny to watch at the same time.

In other news, I plan to travel west to Montreal sometime in the new year.


kowy said...

Yay! A montreal pub night!
(but, wouldn't the trip be a lot shorter if you travelled EAST to Montreal?)

Anonymous said...

No, no, no! When did Steve get interested in Tracey?

No! No! No!

That is wrong on so many levels...

Bring back the Oirish girl

Jacqueline said...


My husband's family is from West Mount. ... doesn't that mean it's west?

wink wink


Chelly said...

I thought Blanche was hilarious when she lectured Tracey at length (without pausing) and then demanded a cup of tea!

I also think that they should bring back the "Oirish" girl!