Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Update for Dec 12 + 13th

Okay - stupid bloody work keeps getting in the way of my life. So here is the update for the last two days.

The Tracey/Steve Front
Something's wrong with Tracey. She's been acting very strange. Like, human.

Tracey tries to assemble the Køfin for Ray's funeral and her DIY problems were kind of cute, especially with Blanche adding her two cents worth.

In the end Charlie does it for her for free. (Charlie - being good again!) and the funeral comes off with out a hitch. Emily reads 'that' poem which touches everyone.

Tracey ends up at the grave by herself with Amy to talk to Ray and Steve shows up to give her support. She really appreciates it and later that day goes to Steve to thank him.

He invites her in for some wine and they have a heart to heart about 'that poem' and life in general. And the Steve kisses her.

Yup, Steve kisses Tracey.

Martin confronts Angela about the 'note' and she says that Katy is lying. She also begs him to marry Katy and make everything right. When he tells her that that isn't going to happen, she goes off the deep end and tells him that it's all his fault.

He then takes the note to the police who don't quite seem to swallow the confession of a suicidal girl.

He then tells Gayle about the note and starts defending Katy's actions. Lord in heaven - for once I agree with Gayle as she tells him that Katy doesn't need defending and that Angela should have thought about Craig before she threw herself in jail.

Meanwhile, Craig comes to the Harris house, because no one has bothered to phone him or his grandfather about her being in the hospital. Craig is of course upset and at the end he kind of blows up at his grandfather. At that point we see Gayle comforting him in a very sweet way.

Ummm, someone gonna tell grandpa about the suicide note?

Just a thought.

Is very worried that Warren is going to dump her the minute he becomes famous. She decides to get famous herself by becoming a weather girl.

They'll be just like Billy Write and Joy Beverly - the Beckers of the late 1600's.

Rovers Return
Fred is getting serious about selling the pub in order to go into L'source d'eau business.

Shel makes him an offer and is busy getting preparations done.

Stepford Shel must have forgotten her 'pill' that day because she actually stands up to Charlie when he suggest that they not bring in inspectors.


Mushy Pea said...

Ok forgive my ranting but this development was absurd. Why on earth would Steve ever come on to Tracy. Yuck yuck yuck Yucky! Mr Mushy Pea and I wanted to throw shoes,boots and cups of tea at the tv. Maybe the writers are planning an "it was all a dream" scenario a la Dallas and Steve will awake with Karen or Fiona or Vicky in his bed.

Debbie said...

It's wont last. He may have been delirious for a few minutes and he no doubt may be sad about the irish girl. Tracey is horrible.

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John said...

I think Steve is a little messed up, thinking he'll never have a sane woman (read: Oirish girl) so he might as well just give up and hop on board the Tracey Express Train to Crazytown.

I wonder how long the Shelly buys the Rovers storyline will continue. I can't see Fred parting with it so quickly. For a supposedly successful local businessman, Fred sure can make some stupid decisions.

Besides, Charlie will likely sabotage the whole thing in an effort to make Shelly think she's not good enough to own her own business. Arsehole.

What else? Oh yeah -


GoBetty said...

I like Steve with kooky old Tracy. Go kids go! Meanwhile, "Køfin" has slayed me every time. And no grave cam.

Jackie said...

The only time that I actually like Tracy, is when she is with Steve, I just hope she doesn't screw it up this time.

SOH said...

I just loved it when Tracy decided to have red wine. We all howled!