Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Update - Dec 5 - Did Camilla's Mum Get That Drunk?

Cause someone MUST have dropped acid in Blanche's tea last night.

Last night saw Ken and Deidre get married again and minutes before they head off to the church, Blanche pours her heart out to Deidre and tells her what a fantastic daughter she is and how proud she is of her....blah, blah, blah.

I know that they wanted to show the gentle side of Blanche - but really, they need to give advanced warning on a scene like that.

Also previous to the wedding is a heart to heart between Ken and Ray - where Ray let's Ken know that he's close to the end and is frustrated by his inability to take care of himself. He also lets Ken know that he is going into hospice care after the wedding so not to be a burden to the Barlows.

Ken and Deidre wed, as Ray continues to die in the background.

The wedding goes off without a hitch - 'cepting the part where Deidre is supposed to say 'I do' and she says, 'I'm sorry'. As we all expect to have her announce that she simply can't marry Ken, she surprises us all (not really) by saying she's sorry for all the bother she's caused him over the years.

(Interesting note: On Classic Corrie Ken is preparing for his marriage to Denise. I wonder how they'll compare.)

The Ken/Deidre wedding, as Pamer points out, on the same day as Camilla and Charles. Good thing I didn't have to choose between the two - because I seem to be one of the few people who really digs Camilla.)

In other news.

Tyrone and Maria do it in the garage.

Lola makes an appearence for no other reason than to be fabulous.

Chesney tries to get a passport photo of Schmicheal.

Tracey growls and the Oirsh gal.

BTW - I'd strongly suggest that you tune into tonight's episode. I think something fairly big will be happening. (It might happen on Wednesday, but I do think it's tongiht.)


GoBetty said...

I love a Corrie wedding! That's all.

Pamer said...

I love an Oirish lass