Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Strange Meals

Baked bean and chip pizza

National tastes have never been stranger as Britons tuck into weird and wonderful food combinations from Weetabix and butter to chicken with marmalade, according to a study of strange meals.

Family bakers Warburtons commissioned a survey of 1,000 adults to find the bizarre recipes which get made in kitchens up and down the country.

Oddities included sandwich fillings such as Mars Bar and peanut butter with bacon, honey over cheese and Marmite mixed with lemon curd.

Yet while these - and others such as curry-flavoured ice-cream - may be isolated, other strange meals have become accepted as normal. The survey found several examples which had become everyday combos, such as meatball sandwiches - as eaten by Joey in the television sitcom, Friends - which has been tested by at least 24 per cent of those surveyed.

Homer Simpson's favourite, the bacon and maple syrup pancake has been tried by 18 per cent of Brits.

Marmite flavoured crisps are now a big seller, along with baked bean pizzas, pepper vodka and tomato sorbet.

Some chefs have built a career of odd combinations, said Warburtons, citing the Fat Duck's award-winning cook Heston Blumenthal who has served snail porridge and bacon and egg flavoured ice- cream to critical acclaim.

Mandy Lloyd, of the Birmingham College of Food, said: "People are prepared to be more adventurous with their food now.

Wide choice in supermarkets, lots of TV food programmes and more exotic travelling all play their part in widening our food horizons and have given us the confidence to experiment with flavours and ingredients."

Susie Fernside, brand manager at Warburtons, added: "It's great to see how daring we are when it comes to food."

Source: The Scotsman

Top 10 most unusual concoctions:

1. Spaghetti Bolognese on a bed of crisps
2. Mars Bar sandwich
3. Chicken casserole with chocolate sauce
4. Coca-Cola with milk
5. Gherkins and ice cream
6. Peanut butter and bacon sandwich
7. Banana in chicken soup
8. Honey and cheese sandwich
9. Chocolate and salted crisps
10. Coca-Cola and red wine

How about you? What are your favourite strange food combos?


Anonymous said...

chocolate and salted crisps IS good. as is choc and popcorn. :o)

- jenn

Jacqueline said...

bananas and sour cream...but then again, i don't htink that's weird

GoBetty said...

Sour cream goes great with almost anything. There's a place in Ellicottville NY that sells chocolate-drizzled salted popcorn - HEAVEN. PB & bacon sandwich - ate many of those when I was 11, 12, 13, 14... loved the sweet and salt again. I think Laverne of Laverne and Shirley was infamous for drinking Pepsi and milk, tho not sure, I was more of a Happy Days lass. Basically I will eat / try anything. All strange combinations sound like an adventure to me.

Anonymous said...

Cheese Whiz and bread and butter pickles on smushy white bread.

Makes a wonderful sandwich, although I never had anyone else agree with that...

Mr. Anonymous used to eat Cheez Whiz and jam sandwiches, a combo I found quite strange and never tried.

Anonymous said...

apples and brie...mmm