Thursday, December 08, 2005

Question of 12:30 pm

Okay - if you were going to build a fanblog around any Corrie Character/Actor present or past, who would be?

For creativity's sake, let's take Bette/Julie Goodyear off the table - cause I think she's the default answer for most of us.

Who is it?

Come on let us know.

Lame Ass Update

Okay chicks, I kind of messed up last night. I was settling in to watch Corrie when my friend Spiro called and asked him to meet him at my favorite pub. So I only heard Corrie from the bathroom as I was applying makeup to make me the roight Slapper I am.

What I got was this:

1) Deidre is crying and crying and crying over Ray's death. What? I'm sorry, if one of my ex-husbands showed up after 20+ years and dropped dead at my wedding reception...I don't I'd be that upset. Perhaps a little bummed, but not the wailing widow performance that she's giving.

2) Tracey offers to take care of the funeral arrangments by herself and tells Ken and Deidre to go on their honeymoon. Turns out she's taking on this responsbility in order to dump Amy on Steve to fuck up his plans with the Oirish girl.

3) Okay - they are going to have to do SOMETHING interesting with Stepford Shel and Charlie. She makes up with Sunita, he tells Shel that Sunita doesn't like her, she breaks of the relationship with Sunita.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.


John said...

Also, later that evening Steve and Jolie Louise the Oirish Girl debated having the sex or just leaving their quick relationship as a pleasant memory.

They decided to have the sex. Steve had to go back to Tracey's for a minute where she turned on the tears for him, making him stay and comfort her while a sane woman had to wait at the bus stop. The sex was not had.

Jamie took the Underworld van to Carlisle (I've been there!) where he picked up a pretty hitchhiker, who then robbed his van.

This made him late for his date with Leanne so she asked Danny to take her out. They got on like a house on fire and there was some SERIOUS flirting. Before it could go further Jamie reappears with the newly recovered van so the sex was not had by Leanne and her boyfriend's father.

Last scene: Katydidit gets off the bus and glowers her silent, puffy face at Coronation Street.

SOH said...

The Charlie storyline makes me want to vomit. His acting runs the gamut from A to B, with one expression: smart ass sneer.

John said...

Oh yeah, for the Corrie character blog, four words:

Roy Cropper Sex Blog

Jackie said...

I am so annoyed with Charlie and Shelly! I wish that she would pull her head out of her ass, and see what a fool he is making of her!