Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Little Sip of Bitters Can't Hurt...UPDATE

Last night's episode was centred around the Barlow wedding reception where we all got to see:

1) Norris trip the light fantastic.
By the way, Liz and Eileen, when someone asks you to dance, it's either 'Yes, thank you' or 'No, thank you.'. This is not an opportunity to cut that person down. Bad form ladies, very bad form. (Even if it is Norris.)

2) Mike and Ray discuss Ken's prowress in the bedroom.
They bargained that it's Ken's ability in the kitchen and his stability (aka boringness) that gets him all the women - and that he's probably a dud in bed. They however, being the old school lions that they are could rock a woman's world three ways to sunday.

What ever gets you through the night, boys. Get your freak on.

3) Stepford Shel and Sunita kiss and make up - whilst Charlie looks menacing from behind.

4) Tracey tells Oirish girl to get on her broom and go back to Oirerland. Uuuuuuum, Trace, while you're trying to win back your man with ethnic slurs, you might want to remember that Steve is OIRISH himself.

5) There's some dance called the OKEY COKEY in England.

6) The cake was pretty.

7) Jack ate a lot, didn't he?

8) How old do you think Charlie is in real life?

9) They still haven't changed the wallpaper at the Rovers.

10) The balloons were a nice touch to the festivities.

11) I had a tuna fish sandwich last night while watching the show.

12) With broccolli

13) Ray died.

Screeeech - yeah. Ray died - right after Tracey and him had a loverly heart to heart and apparantly just before Blanche came over to a dying man that she 'never liked him'.

Good timing Ray.

Sources indicate that he is only the second person to die at the Rovers - Martha Longhurst (1964) being the first.

So to those of you who decide to die with a drink in yer hand, I salute you with highest Glacia honours.

Via con Dios, mi amigo; via con Dios, mi hermano!

In Other News.

Lena (not Lola as previously reported) catches Maria and Tyrone in the act. She tells them that she's lived a very sheltered life and will need much alcohol to steady her nerves.

She will also need to have her car fixed for free and a free 'do at the salon to make sure that her shattered nerves don't make her blab to Kev.

They should make her Prime Minister.


John said...

Wow. Ray had hair once.

SOH said...

I love Ray's hair. He would be back in fashion if he still had it.

I shed a little tear at Ray's passing. The final opportunity was now gone.