Friday, December 16, 2005

L' Update ou 'Le Grand Snooze'

More pushing through the story.

La Mort
Katie Still dying.

They let Angela come see her.

Craig is still upset and Grandad is comforting him.

Roy has told Fred that the water in Audrey's backyard might not becoming from the source he thought, and in fact might becoming from a mine site. Are you glad that you've been sucking back that coal juice now, Fred?

(I agree with John - how the hell did Fred become the captain of business that he is with this utter lack of common sense?)

Meanwhile, Mike has told Audrey that she's mad for giving Fred 50% as most venture captitalists get 10 - 15%. Audrey let Fred know this and he was more than pissed.

Everyone at the factory is poor for some reason. Janice is making sad faces. Sean is trying to weasel out of paying rent. Eileen needs to increase his rent. (It's just like 'La Boheme' - without the art, the wine and the fat lady...oh... wait.)

Tracey still pissed about Steve ignoring her. Steve falling in love with Tracey.

For anyone watching Classic Corrie, we're being introduced to Ashley for the first time yesterday. He looks like he's 12 and I assume this is pre 'Fred's your baby daddy' announcement. Fred's doing a lot of screaming at Ashley.

Maybe MJ can work her magic and get a pic of young Ashley up.


MJ said...

I'll see what I can pull out of my magician's hat on the weekend re young Ashley pic.

papasmurf said...

How did this Steve/Tracey get started? I must have missed s crucial moment of plot development somewhere...

Pamer said...

here is the "many faces" of Ashley

Jacqueline said...

papasmurf. When Tracey buried her dad, Steve came to the gravesite to see how she was doing.

Later she came to his house to thank him, and he invited her in for some wine.

She started pouring out her heart and that was enough for him to kiss her - and it all went from there.

Mushy Pea said...

Forgive another rant but here goes... I believe that there was no crucial enough moment in the plot development leading up to these new feelings of Steve towards Tracy. Even if he has been more vulnerable with him lately. That is why it SUCKS!!! Even if she is softer/nicer/human when she is with Steve this does not erase her past evilness. (For example, selling their baby, breaking up his marriage etc.) Can you tell I don't like the recent turn of events between Steve and Tracy. Bring the Oirish girl back!

Jacqueline said...

Mushy Pea - I totally agree.

Rants not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Mushy Pea said...

Ah, I love a place where rants are welcomed and encouraged and especially where I can find other like minded Canadian Corrie fan ranters. So many years I spent ranting to myself and my husband and shouting at the tv with no outlet to air my Corrie issues. Stay tuned.

MJ said...

I just love that we have a reader named Mushy Pea.