Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ken & Deirdre Tie the Knot

Twenty-four years after they first said, “I do,” Ken and Deirdre set out to prove that love is lovelier the second time around.



Husband Number 1: Ray Langton (1975-1978)

After a joint stag and hen party at the Rovers, Deirdre and Ray married at Weatherfield Register Office. Len Fairclough threw a surprise champagne reception. They missed their train and had to spend their wedding night at Blanche Hunt’s (Deirdre’s mum.) Two years later, daughter Tracy was born. Within months Ray was dating a waitress. Ray left to work in Holland in 1978.

Husband Number 2: Ken Barlow (1981-1990)

Ken and Deirdre first walked down the aisle in an episode shown two days before Prince Charles' first marriage to Lady Diana Spencer. Deirdre’s affair with Mike Baldwin rocked the marriage, but it was finally wrecked in 1990 by Ken’s affair with Wendy Crozier.

Husband Number 3: Samir Rachid (1994-1995)

39-year-old Deirdre’s 21-year-old Moroccan. Samir was murdered on his way to hospital to donate a kidney to Deirdre’s daughter Tracy.

Husband Number 4: Ken Barlow (2005-?)

Viewing figures show that just over seven million viewers tuned in for the wedding of Charles and Camilla compared with 13 million who tuned in to see Ken and Deirdre wed.


Wife Number 1: Valerie Tatlock (1962-1971)

Ken sold his motorbike to pay for the wedding. Valerie was electrocuted by a faulty hair-dryer plug when the twins, Susan and Peter, were 6 years old.

Wife Number 2: Janet Reid (1973-1974)

Ken married Town Hall typist Janet to provide his children with a stable home but she refused to look after them and the marriage ended. Three years later she sought reconciliation. Rejected, she took an overdose and died.

Wife Number 3: Deirdre Langton (1981-1990)

Wife Number 4: Deirdre Rachid (2005-?)

Been there, done that. Wake me when it’s over, luv.

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