Thursday, December 15, 2005

Jimmi Pops the Question

Jimmi Harkishin (our Dev Alahan) has popped the question to TV researcher Ruth Gray.

Ruth is said to be delighted that the troubled star is finally ready to settle down.

Jimmi, who has three kids to two different women, hit the headlines last year after a Sunday newspaper published pictures of him on an alleged drug-fuelled sex binge.

Fraud Model Miranda Lipinski claimed she had bedded the star and Jimmi was forced to leave Corrie briefly after being summoned to explain himself to ITV bosses.

Jimmi, who pulls in £100,000 a year for his role on the soap, was also cautioned by cops in 2003 for shop fraud.

A source close to Ruth and Jimmi said, "They have been through a lot, but Jimmi seems to have really changed his ways. She's already making plans for the big day.”


Jacqueline said...

Jimmi on a drug fuelled sex binge and me in Canada!

Jacqueline said...

"Jimmi, who has three kids to two different women.."

OY, the scandal!

BTW - I'm one of the baby-mommies.

Little known fact about me - just thought I'd share.

MJ said...

Jacqueline: I heard you're carrying Charlie's love child. Or was it Ciaran? Damn, I can't keep track of your men.

Jacqueline said...

It's triplets.