Saturday, December 03, 2005

In Bed With Keith Duffy

Our Ciaran McCarthy (far left) in bed with fellow Boyzone band members

Those of you who can't resist captioning this photo in the comments section, go crazy.


Morrissey Gal said...

Er, is it me, or does he look 12 years old in that picture?

GoBetty said...

We'll have a gay old time.

MJ said...

Morrisey Gal: Keith was born in Oct. 1974. Boyzone was active from approximately 1993 to 1999 so that would make Keith in his early 20s when that photo was taken (although I don't know the year of the photo.) But yeah. He looks about 12.

Morrissey Gal said...

Thanks, mj.

He's blossomed into quite the strapping lad, I'd say!

Anonymous said...

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