Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy 45th Anniversary, Coronation Street!

Coronation Street was first screened live on December 9, 1960.

December 5, 1960: the cast meet each other for the first time and line up for the first Coronation Street photograph.

Toasting twenty-one years of Coronation Street (in 1981) – the original four – Ken Barlow, Elsie Tanner, Albert Tatlock, and Annie Walker.

William Roache (our Ken Barlow) is the only surviving cast member from episode one of Coronation Street.

Perhaps the greatest accolade, and proudest moment for everyone concerned with Coronation Street, came when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip toured the newly-built outdoor set in 1982. The Queen, fascinated by the achievement, was interested to know exactly where Coronation Street was supposed to be situated. With only a trace of a smile, a studio executive replied: ‘In the hearts and minds of your people, Ma’am.’

And all of us would raise a glass of Newton and Ridley’s to that.

Cheers, Corrie.

Sources: Coronation Street: 25 Years edited by Graham Nown; The Coronation Street Story: Celebrating Thirty-Five Years of the Street by Daran Little

Coronation Street Treasures

Celebrate Coronation Street’s 45th Anniversary with Coronation Street Treasures, a new book by Tim Randall. Read all about it here in this previous Corrie Canuck posting.

I purchased a copy at Chapters and I recommend it to all Corrie fans.

So what do you think will happen by the 50th anniversary? Tell us what you think the Corrie characters will be up to in the year 2010 and what plotlines will be hatched by then.

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