Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Gruesome Twosomes

Cilla and Les.

Cilla again. With the plumber.

Janice and Patrick.

Janice again. With Mike Baldwin.

Bev and Ciaran.

And my vote for the most gruesome of the twosomes: Dev and Deirdre.

Jimmi Harkishin (our Dev) later said that kissing actress Anne Kirkbride (our Deirdre) left him "breathless", describing her as "Coronation Street's answer to Sharon Stone."

Who have I missed then? Your vote, please, for the most gruesome twosome.


GoBetty said...

You slay me.

MJ said...

Dev went on to say: "Getting into bed with Annie Kirkbride…was easy…she has got a fantastic way of just putting you at ease and...she always has been sort of word perfect and I'm not just singing her praises, I don't quite know how she does, what she
does…but…getting into bed with Annie...you know…I dream about it often."

Jacqueline said...

dev and deidre.

She has the sex appeal of oatmeal.

Pamer said...

Aw...I thought Janice and PAtrick was cute..come on

By the way that thing that happened last night was the thing that got more viewers than that thing with the big wig guy and his horsey-looking girl.

Whenever I see Deirdre now, i think of "cats bum mouth" **shudder**

MJ said...

Pamer: As a matter of fact, I'll be posting an item later this week about the thing that happened last night and how it got more viewers than the other biggie. Stay tuned. And Pamer, I hope you'll also think of Sharon Stone now when you see Deirdre.

Geoff said...

My basic instinct would be to run.