Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Greening of Tracey's Da

That guy is as green as Deirdre's wedding "suit". And Deirdre's got a huge fucking mole on her chest (our left, her right)! And Rita is a man. Yes, she wears so much makeup she looks like the floorshow at Convento Rico. And what's with all the lilac on the grey power of Weatherfield. Is it a rule that anyone over 60 must wear lilac to a semi formal outting? Barring Vera o' course. Who wore... GREEN.


MJ said...

The mauve matriarchs were joined by His Purpleness, Norris.

Yes, Rita really slapped on the slap for the wedding. They must have used up the show’s entire makeup budget in that episode. It was obviously plastered on with a trowel.

The next Corrie Canuck pub nite should be held in El Convento Rico. You could play the Coronation Street theme to a salsa beat.

John said...

Sometimes when Deidre is yelling at Tracey, the mole moves and I can't take my eyes off it.

Last night's episode was pure, classic Corrie. Has that ever happened in the Rover's before? Not the reception, the other thing that happened?

Next Corrie pub night should be in Montreal.

Jacqueline said...

John, see my update.

If you set up a Corrie night for a weekend - I will come. (Even though all my trips to Montreal are always in the dead winter to stay for a 5 day shiva in the freezing fucking cold.)

Give me a happier reason to come to Montreal.

Pamer said...

rwowr..time to retract claws now ladies

GoBetty said...

I would come to Mtl too.

mare said...

aw, i wish i lived in montreal.