Monday, December 05, 2005

Deirdre Does Weatherfield

Ken’s less-than-sensational stag night shows him living it up at a table of fellow Deirdre-lovers: Dev "Oil Slick" Alahan, Roy "Zombie" Langton, and Mike Baldwin.

Mike points out that the only man at the table who hasn’t made it with Ken’s bride-to-be is young Adam. (Not yet, anyway. Perhaps there’s a future storyline here? Although I don’t think I could stomach another Deirdre bed-in after her sexcapade with Dev.)

What do you think? Will Deirdre remain faithful to Ken? If not, who will be her next fling?


Jacqueline said...

In her defense, the only one there that's not 'make out able' (to put a gentle phrase to it) - would be Ray.

Ken in his day.

Dev now.

Yep, Mike now.

All do-able.

Go Deidre, go Deidre!!!

John said...

Tracey Barlow's an amateur next to her mum.

Her next fling will be with Nathan, just to get back at Tracey.

mel & james said...

Deidre will remain faithful.
Ken, however, could very well end up snogging Violet.

GoBetty said...

Yes, I see Ken straying. Ken gives me the heebies.