Thursday, December 29, 2005

December 29: Bust-Up Day

Brace yourselves for festive fireworks today, folks — because December 29 is the top time for ARGUMENTS.

Families cooped up together over the holidays are more likely to have rows on the 29th than any other day, say researchers.

Psychologist Paula Hall warned: “Christmas is a very tense time for couples.

“Most make it through Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and even Boxing Day for the sake of children and the in-laws. But by the 29th tensions have often reached boiling point.”

Reasons range from resentment over duff prezzies to families simply being sick of the sight of one another.

By now, three in ten couples have already had bust-ups, according to a survey for painkiller Nurofen.

A quarter admitted the rows started even BEFORE Christmas — mainly over where to spend the holidays.

Source: The Sun

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