Monday, December 12, 2005

Corrie Street - Next Generation

At MJ's suggestion (and her title) - I have a question to pose to all of youse.

Which young 'un will become Corrie's next messed up teen?

Nominees are:

Amy - when she figures out that her mom SOLD her.

Our Joshua - when he finds out that he is the result of his mom's illicit affair. Who's my babydaddy?

Bethany - when she finds out that she's a Platt.

The Ghost of Billy - yeah...that was sick, I know.

My predictions:
Amy becomes a nun
Joshua becomes a tree
Bethany becomes a the next Mavis
The Ghost of Billy runs away to America gets a nice role on 'Medium'

I open the floor.


MJ said...

Amy and Bethany, sporting Birkenstocks and flannel shirts, take jobs as mechanics in Webster’s garage and form the Weatherfield softball team.

Joshua carries on the patriarchal family butcher tradition but is influenced by mum Claire’s career as a bus driver. He combines the two professions to set up a mobile hotdog cart.

If the good women of Coronation Street don’t start going forth and multiplying (preferably with twins and triplets) soon, there won’t be enough characters for the show in future!

Hilary said...

I'd say that Sophie's imaginary friend Ebony Rae is due for a dramatic reappearance!
After all, with a mother like Sally, who can blame poor Sophie for making up friends.

mare said...

What about our Chesney? Sure, that minor con-work is cute when you've the ginger hair and freckles of childhood, but he will swiftly lose his rakish charms when the gangliness of adolescence hits.

Jacqueline said...

I left out Chesney because I think we all know what becomes of him in 8 years.

A Clockwork Ginger.

John said...

Don't forget Peter Barlow's got a wee bairn out there somewhere. He's bound to come back and unknowingly marry his non-blood relation half-cousin Amy. Then he'll marry Bethany, just to keep up the family bigamy tradition.

Jacqueline said...

And what about Daniel?

I almost forgot! Denise whisked him away to parts unknown (aka Scotland).

He's bound to come back too. His names been brought up recently on Corrie.

Jackie said...

lol, you never know, Karen may not have had a real miscarrage, and then Steve's little one could come back and be a boy, and unknowingly marry Amy. Ok, maybe far fetched, but you never know

Anonymous said...

Bethany has nowhere to go but up.

Joshua won't ever be able to rebel, Nanny Clair will keep him in line. And Daddy has access to cleavers.

Amy? oh, poor little Amy. She may become a nun or missionary, mentored by Emily. Isn't is true children become what their parents are not?

The real money on skankdom is Sophie, or Rosie or both. I mean, Mom sells herself, Dad is always oblivious...

We'll not have seen the like since the Battersbys hit town!