Friday, December 30, 2005

British Isle Show

We MUST go to this - as a group. While it's not the pilgramage to Mecca (the Corrie set), this event is like a high holiday religious event for Corrie Canucks.

I'm counting on the Toronto contingent to be in on this, hopefully we can get a certain PAMER to come down and please God, maybe the montreallers can come?

I'm seriously thinking of baseball hats or t-shirts - unless everyone thinks this is a stupid idea. I'm thinking a very cool Corrie Canuck design - descrete but effective.

The only fly in the ointment is that this is the exact same weekend as my husband's birthday and I've kind of set it aside to do all things Mr. Jacqueline. However, I'm sure there will be something that the show that will peak his interest.

Let me know either through the comments or my email glacia at rogers dot com.


Pamer said...

you know what? this might actually be doable for me. It's about that time of year that I am in Toronto for a conference...I will keep you posted.

Incidentally, that's around my birthday too.

Jacqueline said...

yoiu know what? m,abye it's the new yare's champain talking...but I'M IN LOVE WITH PAMER.

MJ said...

You krazy kids.
Okay, Pamer. I'll bite. When's your birthday?

Pamer said...

I left the warmth and comfort of my mother's womb on a particularly sunny Tuesday the 7th of March...sure it's two days past the end of the show but we can still celebrate huh?

Happy New Year ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GoBetty said...

I'll be at tha sho fo sho. Are you kidding? Les Battersby was there last time!

Ang said...

Sunita Alahan will be the Corrie star at the show this year.