Thursday, December 01, 2005

Boxers or Briefs?

For years you’ve asked yourself, “Jack Duckworth: boxers or briefs?”

Wonder no more.

All is revealed.

Your other burning question, “Les Battersby: boxers or briefs?” has been answered over at Anne’s Coronation Street Site. (Scroll down this page.) You’ll also be treated to a photo of Les in his snakeskin “pulling jacket.”

Now let’s take a peek at some of the younger cast members, past and present. Boxers or briefs, lads?

First up: Grimshaw gotchies

Bruno Langley (our Todd Grimshaw.) Swingin’ free and easy.

Ryan Thomas (our Jason Grimshaw.) Tartan totty.

Next: Adam Rickitt

Our Nick Tilsley reveals that his knickers are the ideal spot to store fan mail.

More musings on underthingies or lack thereof

While doing “research” for this piece, I discovered that Rupert Hill (our Jamie Baldwin ….. the Baldwin who needs a haircut) doesn’t prefer boxers over briefs or briefs over boxers. In fact, he goes commando! (I'll refrain from posting the photo unless Corrie Canuck experiences a sudden demand for Baldwin buttocks.)


Jacqueline said...

I applaud your use of the word 'gotchie'.

My best friend and I (both from BC originally) have tried to use the words 'gotchie' or 'ginch' here in Ontario and everyone looks at us like we're mad.

We finally figured out that it must be Ukranian word in origin - she's Ukranian and I learned them from another Ukranian.

We talked to a woman here who is actually Ukranian Ukranian and she said that 'gotchie' is a Ukranian word but something that only children would say. As far as 'ginch' she says it's probably one of those Western Canada Ukranian words that has come about.

This has NOTHING to do with Corrie, I just wanted to take about gotchies.

SOH said...

I think I'm going to be sick.

Pamer said...

I use Gotchies, Ginch AND plain old GITCH all the time. Most people just aren't cool like us.

Anonymous said...

i use "gitch" combined with "granny" when referring to voluminous white undies. you know, the kind that could double as a sail, but are ever so comfy. picked up the term from my ex roomie, who in turn grew up in winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

I have never in my life wondered what Jack Duckworth wore for underwear.


I think I'm going to be sick.

GoBetty said...

Gotchie is a word that we used extensively as kids at summer camp here in Ontario.

PLEASE publish the commando photo(s) of Jamie "hairclub" Baldwin.

And that picture of our Nick. WTF???? Something about it is not sitting right. Maybe would rather see Gail's saggy tits?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen there's even a website that sells 'gotchies'? Very Cool!

Anonymous said...

I'm Saskatchewan born and Alberta raised and it's "Gonchies"! LOL!